Anatomy & Biomechanics

Is a WHOOP Band 4.0 Worth it?

Are you a non-athlete trying to improve your health and fitness and wondering if the WHOOP Band 4.0 could help you? If so, this report is for you.

Fix Heel Pain Fast – Effective Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

If you suffer from heel pain that feels worse in the morning when you get out of bed, you may have plantar fasciitis. Here's how to heal it quickly.

Fix Your Forward Head Posture – 3 Exercises to Reverse ‘Tech Neck’

Hunched over a computer or phone all day? Combat forward head posture, aka "tech neck" with this simple six-minute sequence you can do at your desk.

3 Exercises to Heal Knee Pain

Do you feel knee pain when you climb the stairs, squat down, or run? These self-tests and corrective exercises will allow you to pinpoint the source of your knee injury, build strength and help your knee heal faster.

Stretching Myths Smart People Should Know

The fitness industry is as conflicted about stretching as it is about carbs. Some experts say you should skip it, others will tell you to stretch daily. We reveal the biggest myths and the key rules to follow to help you reap maximum benefits from every stretch.

3 Simple Poses to Ease Neck Pain

Do you have neck pain? Can you feel it when you flex, extend, or rotate? Start the healing process today with these very gentle, but effective, stretches for neck pain relief.

3 Mobility Exercises to Loosen Up Stiff Ankles

If your ankles feel tight and stiff and your heels pop up when you squat, you need to work on improving the dorsiflexion of your ankles. Targeted calf stretches can help to improve mobility in this area.

5 Simple Ways to Ease Sciatic Pain

Do you have sciatic nerve pain in your lower back, bum or radiating down your leg? These simple corrective exercises will help you heal.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation – 3 Quick Tricks to Stop Anxiety

Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? Do you get overwhelmed with worry, overthinking things that are out of your control? The solution to helping you to feel calm when those moments arise, could be to stimulate your vagus nerve.

3 Stretches to Soothe a Sore Lower Back

Do you have chronic lower back pain? Does it get worse after sitting at your desk or after driving? What can start off as a slight nuisance, can, over time, begin to affect your movement patterns and your quality of life.

Ease Shoulder Pain in 7 Minutes a Day

If you have shoulder pain from a rotator cuff injury, subacromial impingement syndrome, a tear, frozen shoulder, or maybe just creaky, crunchy shoulders and you'd like to fix it, you've come to the right place.

3 Poses to Ease Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Do you suffer with lower back pain, below your waistline, on the backside of your pelvis? Does it also radiate down your leg? Rather than a lumbar spine problem, you might be suffering from sacroiliac joint (SI) pain.

Hip Flexor Stretch Positions – 3 Best Poses for Flexibility

Sitting down all day can cause tight hip flexors, leading to back, hip and knee pain. Loosen them up with these gentle, yoga stretches.

Rotator Cuff Muscles

Ever had a shoulder injury? Did your yoga teacher tell you It was because your alignment was off? This might be true, but it’s much more common that your rotator cuff muscles are underdeveloped (weak) and shortened (tight).

Hamstring Anatomy

The hamstrings are a set of three (plus one) muscles on the back of your leg, from pelvis to lower leg. If you reach behind and palpate the back of your leg, starting from the medial (inner) side, the first pair of hamstrings muscles are the “semi sister”, semimembranosus and semitendinosus.

Knee Safety Fundamentals in Warrior I Pose

Warrior I is a foundational yoga pose. For knee safety, there are a few key alignment points that both students and teachers should be aware of.

How I Healed My Hamstrings

Hot Yoga + pain killers + pure stupidity caused me to tear my right hamstring terribly (see photos on this page). The good news is that I've healed it naturally.

What is Pigeon Pose? And How Do I Protect My Knees in It?

Pigeon Pose is also one of yoga’s most injurious poses—so let’s take a closer look at safety and alignment. Take a look at these steps, photos, and our favorite Pigeon pose variation!

Why Most Yoga Classes Don’t Work for Flexibility

I had no idea back then, but as it turns out, most yoga classes are not about flexibility. That’s just a stereotype. To truly change your range of motion, you need a targeted approach outside of class.

7 Ways Shoes Ruin Your Feet

Bad news: high heels, running shoes, athletic shoes, and just about every type of loafer causes huge problems to your feet. Luckily, it can be fixed.

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Food & Nutrition

How I Lost 41 Pounds Doing Yoga

I lost 41 pounds during my first two months practicing yoga. It sounds impossible, I know, so just imagine how it felt to swim in your own clothes and suddenly have a visible jawline.

3 Sweeteners That Are Worse Than Sugar

I know you may be thinking: Isn’t white sugar the worst? But don’t be fooled by organic alternatives. Here are 3 sweeteners that are actually worse than white sugar when it comes to weight gain and sugar addiction.

Why You May Want to Rethink Cooking with Olive Oil

Despite popular belief that olive oil is great for cooking, it actually has a very low flash point and must be handled with care. Is it healthy, then?

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Yoga Trapeze

Why Yoga Trapeze Teachers Are Successful

Yoga teachers struggle in business when they try to sell yoga. Adding a unique skill like Yoga Trapeze® can open up new avenues of opportunity and solve students' problems.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Yoga Trapeze®️ Training

Want to become a successful Yoga Trapeze®️ instructor? You should ask yourself these 5 questions before choosing a yoga teacher training course.

How to Hang Your Yoga Trapeze® Yoga Swing

Let me guess… you just received your first Yoga Trapeze® and you’re trying to figure out how to set it up, right? Don’t worry, we can help.

8 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Trapeze Class

A common misconception about all of yoga, not just the Yoga trapeze, is that it’s for the flexible, but the truth is anyone can get started on the Yoga Trapeze, regardless of level. If you or your student is wondering what to expect, share these beginner tips with them.

Got Back Pain? Try These Yoga Trapeze® Poses

From our poor posture and dysfunctional footwear to our sedentary lives and hours spent hunched over our phones, our spines are rarely in proper alignment. Here are four Yoga Trapeze® poses for back pain, flexibility and more (video included).

How to Practice Superman Pose on the Yoga Trapeze®

Superman (aka Superwoman, Flying Spider, Flying Squirrel) is one of the most iconic poses practiced on the Yoga Trapeze. It involves upper body strength, core, and balance; but it looks much more difficult than it is. Most students can learn it in a few minutes.

Yoga Trapeze®️ vs. Aerial Yoga: What’s the Difference?

The legend, the myth, and the truth: where do these funky contraptions come from? Let's learn core differences between the Yoga Trapeze and aerial yoga variations.

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Yoga Breathing

Diaphragmatic “Belly” Breathing – Learn to Breathe Correctly

Diaphragmatic breathing (aka belly breathing) is a powerful way to self-sooth, relieve stress, and balance your nervous system. This step-by-step guide will show you how to master it.

Breathing Exercises for Beginners – Box Breathing & More

Yoga breathing exercises an extremely powerful way to change your nervous system state, but many people mix and match practices at will without considering their desired outcome.

Pranayama Yoga Breathing: Everything You Need to Know

Science-based yoga breathing exercises can help reduce stress, balance your nervous system, improve your sleep and digestion. Learn how here.

Guided Breathing Exercises with Lucas Rockwood

Lucas spills the details for how to utilize your breath for better sleep, less stress, and more energy that he shared on the Tedx stage. Click here to get access to three free guided breathing exercises.

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Yoga Teacher Topics

Essential Oil Pyramid Scheme

This business model is a classic pyramid scheme. You can work as hard as you like, but the top spots on the pyramid were occupied local yoga teacher told you about oregano oil.

How to Use Physical Adjustments (safely) in Yoga Class

There is nothing worse than a nervous yoga teacher putting their limp noodle-hands on you in class and accidentally knocking you off your balance while in tree pose...


For Yoga Teachers College Diploma holders and Certified Yoga Trapeze Instructors, insurance is a must. The main reason teachers don’t get insured is because they worry it will be complicated and/or expensive to do so.

How to Write a Great Yoga Teacher Bio

You’ll need to write a yoga teacher biography for your website or for the studio’s site where you work. Here are the steps to get you started.

Yoga Teachers: How to Nail Your Job Interview

Whether you just graduated from YTT or you are looking for something new, here are fourteen tips to help you land your dream job.

15 Yoga Teachers Share Their Personal Journey

Want an inside look at how yoga can change your life? These 15 yoga instructors share what brought them to a yoga teacher training.

Facebook Business for Yoga Teachers

Where are the yoga clients and how do you find them? You need to start on Facebook Business. Find out how.

Instagram for Yoga Teachers

Find out how to create an Instagram Business account, then find clients who book you! The perfect guide for yoga teachers here.

Must Read Books for Yoga People

These are my (Lucas Rockwood) 100% biased book recommendations all yoga people need to read to become better yogis, better business people, and to be in better health. I'm also adding my top tips to become a better reader (even if you hate reading).

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Yoga Business

Online Yoga Teacher Training: Learn More About Online Yoga Training and Certification

Wondering if online training is worth it and if anyone will hire you as a yoga teacher? We take an honest look at the complexities of choosing a course that’s right for you.

How to Sell Without Selling Out (yeah, really!)

Everyone hates selling. Well here’s the good news: There is no better selling tool in the world than teaching.

The Private Yoga “Give Yourself a Raise” Technique

Find private yoga students and start making a better salary. Free template included here!

3 Off-the-Mat Marketing Strategies

Yoga teachers come to me expecting to learn some super secret tip that will transform their business. Truth: Old school ideas are the ones that work best.

How to Teach Less & Earn More

Burnout is a job hazard that you must take seriously. Here's how to teach fewer yoga classes and still grow your business.

The Only 2 Ways to Grow Your Yoga Business

Brand names, fancy logos, and artsy photography has nothing to do with growing a yoga business. I'll tell you how to do it.

Why Plastic Surgeons Make 2x General Practitioners

Why does a plastic surgeon make, on average, double that of a general practice doctor? Why do special education teachers get paid more than their general ed colleagues?

Your Yoga Pricing System Sucks

The biggest thing yoga teachers and studio owners mess up is their pricing strategy. They charge too little for a drop-in class, and too much for unlimited memberships...

23 Yoga Business Terms You Should Know

No MBA is needed to run a yoga business, but you do need to educate yourself. From PPC to Flatline Pricing, we give you 23 business terms you need to know if you are a yoga entrepreneur.

Top Tips for Yoga Resume Writing

In order to become a professional yoga teacher, you must learn and develop business skills that will make you an asset (not just an employee) at a studio. The first step: writing a killer resume and cover letter.

How to Become a Better Yoga Teacher (part II)

If you’re a yoga teacher and you want to up your game, here is a simple concept to live by: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

How Much Do Yoga Teachers Earn

Teaching yoga ranks on the “Top 100 Jobs,” according to CNN Money’s Report. Here’s what their research showed and my tips for earning more without burning out.

Who is Your Ideal Yoga Student?

When I first started teaching in 2003, I assumed my ideal yoga student was someone just like me – I was dead wrong. 80% of my students were women, most were 5-15 years older than me, and most were completely consumed with family or business life.

How to Teach Yoga Online – Phone & Laptop Setup

I’ve taught over 3,000 classes online. Here’s my go-to setup for filming. Natural light or ring light behind your phone. Phone as camera. Laptop as control center. Bluetooth earbuds.

Is it Illegal to Play Music in Yoga Classes?

In 2003, when I first started teaching yoga, I remember laboring over my playlists and meticulously burning each one to a CD.

Non-Religious Yoga Teacher Training & Yoga Classes

Are you interested in yoga without Hinduism or Buddhism mixed in? No chanting, no chakras, no incense, no Oms… this is the official policy at my studios and training courses. The future is mind-body fitness.

How to Become a Better Yoga Teacher

It's not enough to have a yoga teaching certificate in order to be a wonderful instructor. You need patience, personality, understanding and our favorite, "show, tell, touch" method.

A Complete Guide to the Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificates and Courses

You’ll see these two words popping up around any time you look for a yoga teacher or a yoga teaching course: Yoga Alliance. But what exactly does a Yoga Alliance Certification entail?

How to Pay for Yoga Teacher Training?

You’ve decided that you want to turn your passion for yoga into a profession—great! But now how are you going to pay for it? Investing in your own education is an investment in yourself and your future...

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