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How I Lost 41 Pounds Doing Yoga

I lost 41 pounds during my first two months practicing yoga. It sounds impossible, I know, so just imagine how it felt to swim in your own clothes and suddenly have a visible jawline.

3 Sweeteners That Are Worse Than Sugar

I know you may be thinking: Isn’t white sugar the worst? But don’t be fooled by organic alternatives. Here are 3 sweeteners that are actually worse than white sugar when it comes to weight gain and sugar addiction.

Why You May Want to Rethink Cooking with Olive Oil

Despite popular belief that olive oil is great for cooking, it actually has a very low flash point and must be handled with care. Is it healthy, then?

Milk, Mucus & Inflammation

Many styles of yoga encourage a traditional Indian vegetarian diet that is meat-free but includes lots of dairy. But here are the top (and very common) problems with it.

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YOGABODY® Stretch [fleximine]

Looking for YOGABODY Stretch Supplement? YOGABODY

Knee Safety Fundamentals in Warrior I Pose

Warrior I is a foundational yoga pose. For knee safety, there are a few key alignment points that both students and teachers should be aware of.

How I Healed My Hamstrings

Hot Yoga + pain killers + pure stupidity caused me to tear my right hamstring terribly (see photos on this page). The good news is that I've healed it naturally.

What is Pigeon Pose? And How Do I Protect My Knees in It?

Pigeon Pose is also one of yoga’s most injurious poses—so let’s take a closer look at safety and alignment. Take a look at these steps, photos, and our favorite Pigeon pose variation!

How to Hang Your Yoga Trapeze® Yoga Swing

Let me guess… you just received your first Yoga Trapeze® and you’re trying to figure out how to set it up, right? Don’t worry, we can help.

8 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Trapeze Class

A common misconception about all of yoga, not just the Yoga trapeze, is that it’s for the flexible, but the truth is anyone can get started on the Yoga Trapeze, regardless of level. If you or your student is wondering what to expect, share these beginner tips with them.

Why Most Yoga Classes Don’t Work for Flexibility

I had no idea back then, but as it turns out, most yoga classes are not about flexibility. That’s just a stereotype. To truly change your range of motion, you need a targeted approach outside of class.

Yoga Swing for Kids, Parties & Special Needs!

FUN FACT: Did you know that the Yoga Trapeze® is sometimes referred to as a “yoga swing” because of how it hangs?

Got Back Pain? Try These Yoga Trapeze® Poses

From our poor posture and dysfunctional footwear to our sedentary lives and hours spent hunched over our phones, our spines are rarely in proper alignment. Here are four Yoga Trapeze® poses for back pain, flexibility and more (video included).

Yoga Trapeze® Reviews

Get to know me, the Yoga Trapeze®, and the wonders of spinal traction just a little bit better. We have some real comments from how others get the most out of their trapezes.

The Yoga Trapeze® – Now Available in the UK

Due to high demand from customers in England and Scotland, we’ve been hard at work making a UK store possible. And it’s finally here!

Yoga Trapeze® Stand Review

You need a place to hang your Yoga Trapeze, punching bag, or gymnastic rings, and you’re looking for online reviews to see if it’s the right option for you. Before you make a purchase, this quick guide with real reviews should help you decide.

How to Practice Superman Pose on the Yoga Trapeze®

Superman (aka Superwoman, Flying Spider, Flying Squirrel) is one of the most iconic poses practiced on the Yoga Trapeze. It involves upper body strength, core, and balance; but it looks much more difficult than it is. Most students can learn it in a few minutes.

Yoga Trapeze®️ vs. Aerial Yoga: What’s the Difference?

The legend, the myth, and the truth: where do these funky contraptions come from? Let's learn core differences between the Yoga Trapeze and aerial yoga variations.

7 Ways Shoes Ruin Your Feet

Bad news: high heels, running shoes, athletic shoes, and just about every type of loafer causes huge problems to your feet. Luckily, it can be fixed.

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Breathing & Meditation

Guided Breathing Exercises with Lucas Rockwood

Lucas spills the details for how to utilize your breath for better sleep, less stress, and more energy that he shared on the Tedx stage. Click here to get access to three free guided breathing exercises.

Must Read Books for Yoga People

These are my (Lucas Rockwood) 100% biased book recommendations all yoga people need to read to become better yogis, better business people, and to be in better health. I'm also adding my top tips to become a better reader (even if you hate reading).

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