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YOGABODY’s professional yoga training school, The Yoga Teachers College®
offers yoga and business training courses online and in-person all over the world.

21-Day Private Yoga Business Accelerator


Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training (in-person)


Yoga Teachers College
(6-month diploma program)


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7 Secrets
of Nutrition & Flexibility

FREE! 7-Day Email Course

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Prenatal Yoga
with Mel Campbell

FREE! 12 Minute Practice Video

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Yoga Tutorials
with Rhyanna Van Leeuwarden

FREE! 10 Practice Videos

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Yoga Trapeze®
Online Video Tutorials

FREE! 6 Practice Videos

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New Resources

Make sure to visit this section often, to be up to date with the
most recent articles and videos in Yoga, created and selected by YOGABODY!

Brain Booster Smoothie

Do you need a brain booster or to balance your hormones? If yes, this recipe is for you!

Working Towards Handstand

Morgan demonstrates a few preparations you can do...

Compass Pose

Kirby demonstrates how to get into Compass or Sundial pose. This exercise is great for...


Lucas’ Podcast

If you are into mind-body fitness…You’ll love the Lucas Rockwood Show,
where we talk all things yoga, health & wellness.

EPISODE 329: Improve Your Balance, Improve Your Life

If you can balance well, your yoga practice is more fun, you’re faster and nimbler...

EPISODE 328: How to Create a Breakthrough

Everyone has some area of their life where they feel totally stuck, and it usually falls into one of...

EPISODE 327: The Truth About CBD (nonpsychoactive marijuana) for Health

A little girl named Charlotte was...

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YOGABODY Stretch (Fleximine)
Designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of bendy-bodied students with maximum purity and 60% cost savings

Normal Price: $49.95
SAVE $10
Special: Just $39.95


Level II Yoga Trapeze® Flows with Brett Larkin DVD
20-40 minutes for students who are already familiar with the basics of inversion sling yoga

Normal Price: $29.95
Special: Just $24.95


Yoga Massage Balls x2 | Hurts So Good!
Natural Rubber Creates Human-Like Deep Tissue Massage

Normal Price: $69.95
SAVE $30
Introductory Special: Just $29.95


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Professional Yoga Training

Yoga Teachers College Degree Program

24-Week Program
500hrs of Training
Guaranteed Job Placement
Barcelona & At-Home Study

Where Passionate Students Come
to Start Their Career


Yoga Trapeze® Instructor Certification

50hr course
1-week immersion in Barcelona
At-home study & eLearning
Exciting opportunity

Inversion Yoga is One of the
Fastest-Growing Trends in Fitness



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