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  • The Lucas Rockwood Show

    This no-nonsense health and wellness show features best-selling authors and thought leaders in nutrition, mental health, relationships, and self-improvement. Each episode also includes listener Q&A. Hosted by yoga trainer, writer, and expert speaker, Lucas Rockwood, the founder of YOGABODY and The Yoga Teachers College.

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    EPISODE 460: Rethinking Physical Pain

    Have you ever experienced chronic back or knee pain? An estimated 80% of people have a major pain episode at some point in their lives, and it often leads to downstream mental and physical health problems.


    EPISODE 459: Making Sense of Food

    You step into your local health food store, and the confusion begins. Keto, Paleo, low fat, high fat. It’s all so overwhelming. One approach lowers your cholesterol but improves your blood sugar. Another diet is great for combating inflammation but causes constipation.


    EPISODE 458: Tendencies, Habits & Change

    Every few months a new productivity book hits the shelves, and of course, I read it. I’m a sucker for personal growth hacks. Do I need to fix my morning routine? What about a gratitude journal? Should I drink lemon water or celery juice in the morning? I joke that I’m a walking cliche – but that doesn’t change my behavior.


    EPISODE 457: Hope is a Verb

    Amy was buried under the rubble of the Oklahoma City Federal Building during the 1995 attack. Fully conscious but completely incapacitated, she waited nearly an hour before her rescue. In her own words, her life flashed before her eyes complete with doubt, regret and fear.


    EPISODE 456: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

    Have back pain? If you ask a yoga teacher, they will give you three stretches. If you go to a physiotherapist, they will give you three Bosu Ball exercises, and if you go to a personal trainer, they will give you three resistance workouts.


    EPISODE 455: Healing Trauma, Sexuality & Boundaries

    Past traumas often haunt us emotionally and sometimes even manifest as physical pain or illnesses. Acute childhood trauma, for example, has been correlated with everything from premature births to obesity, debunking any delineation between mind and body. Your thoughts and feelings don’t just feel real, they are real.


    EPISODE 454: Proactive Personal Health Care

    I went to the doctor to get routine blood work and was sent home with a prescription for benzodiazepines. I specifically said I didn’t want to take anything, but the doctor insisted that if I wasn’t sleeping well, the smart thing to do was to medicate.


    EPISODE 453: Surviving the Mental Health Pandemic

    Suicide ideation is rampant among youth, divorce rates are skyrocketing, and the state of mental health, on a global scale, has never been worse. There have always been times of uncertainty and loss, but what makes our current challenge different is the compounding effects of loneliness. Without our tribe, we are weak.


    EPISODE 452: How to Find Your Purpose

    Kyle invested his life savings into a health resort overlooking the sea. I told him it was a terrible idea, and I was wrong. Right up until the pandemic hit, he was doing great and living his dream life. But this year, he’ll most-likely go bankrupt. Arthur is the sole owner of an iconic NYC restaurant, open since 1997. It’ll most-likely close its door for good in 2021. Marta worked as a front-end designer in a fast-paced travel tech company here in Barcelona. She got laid off along with 1,000 others in May of 2020 and is considering leaving the country.


    EPISODE 451: Breakup Bootcamp

    What is love? If you ask 100 people, you’ll get 100 different answers; and yet here we are, desperately needing love all the time. It shouldn’t be a big surprise, relationships don’t always work out. Everyone has a breakup story, and whether you’re 16 or 60, the pain and emotional spinout is pretty much the same. My guest on this week’s show helps coach people through a transition to a positive future.

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