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  • The Lucas Rockwood Show

    Each week, Lucas brings expert guests, nutritional research, and answers questions from listeners from around the world. From best-selling authors and medical doctors to yoga misfits and mind-body researchers, the show is always through-provoking and focused on helping you live a healthy and successful life.

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    EPISODE 336: You Ask, We Answer

    What if you become so focused on exercise and healthy living that it becomes an unhealthy obsession? What if you’re a parent and eat a balanced diet but struggle to feed your kids well? What if yoga is giving you a hernia?


    EPISODE 335: Mental Fitness for the Modern Mind

    Most people know more about Game of Thrones than they do about their own digestive system. They know how many nuclear warheads are in North Korea, but they don’t know their Vitamin D levels or their fasting blood glucose levels. This is a problem.


    EPISODE 334: Learn New Skills, Overcome Fears, Become a Hero

    After your first yoga class, your hamstrings will hurt like hell. After your first day snowboarding, your wrists will ache and your bum will be bruised. After your first week struggling to play Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, your fingertips will be raw.


    EPISODE 333: The Power of Pleasure

    Xanet Pailet was in a marriage with zero physical intimacy for more than 15 years. Most people don’t go that long, but many do wait years before they openly address these issues; however, by then, permanent damage to the relationship may have already been done.

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