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We take a safe approach to wellness centered around the simple philosophy that movement is medicine. Come live your best life for longer with us. Join our YOGABODY Daily at-home fitness program today!

Increase your flexibility

If you have back pain, tight hamstrings, clicking knees, and locked up hips, we can help. Using Science of Stretching™ techniques, you’ll systematically regain mobility though guided, 15-min daily practices. We have modifications for all levels, ages, and most injuries. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes, it’s never too late to move like a younger you.

Build lean muscle

Sarcopenia starts at age 35, and if left unchecked, leads to a progressive loss of muscle and strength. Functional strength is required to live your best life, to carry groceries, walk upstairs, play with your grandkids, hike, bike, and enjoy the outdoors. New research shows that strength is directly correlated with longevity, and our routines are fun and time efficient with no gym required.

Fix your metabolism

Metabolic imbalances affect 80-90% of people aged 40 and above. This means weight gain, hypertension, and blood sugar problems just to name a few. Modern medicine is amazing at treating symptoms, but if you’d like to fix the underlying problems, you need a simple daily protocol to make that happen. At YOGABODY, we take a metrics-based approach to health, and you’ll be amazed to see results once you have a system in place and the support needed to make change.

Take The Tests


  • Forward fold: fingertips to floor
  • Squat: 60 degrees (or less)
  • Bridge pose: hips-to-knee height
  • Shoulder flexion / extension: 180 wall test / interlaced hands
  • Twist: standing T-position


  • 5 clean pushups
  • Hands-free sit-stand-sit
  • 1 min static plank
  • 1 min passive hang
  • 1 min min wall sit


  • Abdominal fat: women < 35 in (89 cm) waist / men < 40 inch (101 cm)
  • Blood pressure 120 / 80 mmHG
  • ApoB (cholesterol) < 100 mg / dL
  • Triglycerides < 150 mg / dL
  • A1C (blood sugar) < 5.5%

Here’s My Story

[Message from Lucas Rockwood, Founder]

A few years back, I got a strange bacterial infection in my arm that required emergency surgery, and I spent five days in the hospital recovering. Previously, I’d enjoyed the invincibility of youth. I might get sick, break a bone, pull a muscle; and while it was no fun, I’d always bounce back fast.

This time was different. My recovery was shockingly slow. I experienced hair loss, strength loss, and even months after my arm was healed, my energy level was garbage.

I’m a career yoga teacher, so I’ve spent the past 20 years fully immersed in health and wellness. I eat well, I’m extremely active, and my heart is in great shape too… but age slaps everyone in the face at some point, and this was my face slap moment.

I’m just not young anymore. Things take longer to heal, injuries and illnesses can knock me off my feet, and I need to put my health at the very top of my list of daily priorities.

I have big plans for the second half of my life.

I’d like to spend as little time as possible in doctors’ offices and pharmacies, and as much time as I can outdoors with family and friends. I’m not trying win races or break records, but I do want to hike, bike, play, and travel.

Here’s when things changed for me…

Soon after my surgery, I interviewed an 83-year-old guy named Fred. He was a renowned lawyer who’d worked with two former presidents, and in the second half of life, he became a fitness fanatic. His goal was to keep up with his much younger wife and he wanted to ski in Vail with his grandkids for as long as possible.

Additionally, he still worked as a trial attorney at the highest level.

Fred had very clear goals and objectives—something I lacked—and despite being twice my age, he was far more active than me, both personally and professionally. He was also a diligent researcher and had access to the best doctors and information available.

Here’s what Fred taught me: (1) Exercise every day, (2) Focus on strength and conditioning, (3) Do it like your lifestyle depends on it, because it does. With each passing year, most people your age will spend less and less time actively enjoying the world, and more and more time in front of screens on the couch.

Unless you take action, a sedentary life is usually the norm.

As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and Fred helped me to get clear on what I wanted, not just next year, but in the next decades of my life. With such a long horizon, the approach needs to be safe, simple, and daily, focused on the big three: mobility, muscle and metabolism. From this, YOGABODY Daily was born.

How it Works

YOGABODY Daily is a safe and effective way to increase your mobility, build lean muscle, and improve your metabolic health. Our goal is to make a small health investment daily to avoid the huge time and money cost of potential illness in the future. With the objective to live our best lives in the second half, we create daily habits to slow aging and increase vitality, based on science-backed methods.

Step 1 – Sign Up with Telegram App

Signup below and immediately join our online group via Telegram App (via phone/computer)

Step 2 – Follow the Daily Videos

Monday through Friday, you’ll receive one targeted strength and one stretching tutorial video. Each video is just 15 minutes long and requires no previous experience or ability.

Step 3 – Get your 30-Minute Move On

Aim for 30 minutes of walking (or jogging) daily for an average of 10,000 steps.

Step 4 – Engage with the YB Daily Community

With one click in the app, check in and let us know how your day is going and which activities you’ve completed.

Step 5 – Join our Weekly Q&A (optional)

Join our weekly live Q&A Sessions via Zoom, check out our Simplified Science posts, and connect with others in the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need anything, but it can be helpful to have a yoga mat, a strap, a yoga block, and a resistance band. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment, all these items are optional, and if purchased online might cost $30-45 total for everything.
Weekends are “Freestyle Days”. Many members like to deliberately do activities purely for fun, such as hiking, biking, SUP, and tennis. Other members like to loop back through previous exercises to continue training, and some members prefer to take some rest. It’s up to you.
Yes, correct. With our three-legged approach to healthspan, you can break it up into three separate activities throughout the day or do them all within one hour.
Fifteen minutes is a great start! Good health is the result of the compounding effect of small decisions made daily. Start with what you can. You’re investing in your future health every time you practice.
Almost everyone has bad knees, a tricky right hip, or some other physical problem that they struggle with. This is even more reason to join. We have modifications for most challenges.
From hypertension to high blood glucose, weight gain to joint pain, almost every indicator of aging can be greatly improved through daily movement practices. The phrase “movement is medicine” is backed by empirical evidence. Just remember to check with your doctor and work in conjunction with them on your health journey.
Yes, YOGABODY Daily is a recurring monthly program. While there is no pause option, with one email you can cancel at any time. There is no long term commitment or complex cancellation policy, you’re always in control.

Movement is Medicine


  • Increase lean muscle
  • Improve mobility
  • Balance your metabolism
  • Live your best life in the second half

How it works

  • 15-min Stretching (x5 videos per week)
  • 15-min Strength (x5 videos per week)
  • 30-min Steps (on your own)
  • All questions answered (live weekly Q&A)


  • Videos released weekly
  • Huge video library access
  • Telegram App (iOS / Android)
  • Group chat and checkin (optional)

21-Day Trial – Just $1 / Day!

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No Long-Term Commitment
Cancel Anytime
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

How does it works? After the 21-day trial, you will be automatically charged the discounted rate $49 $29.95/month. Don’t like the program or don’t want to continue? No problem. Simply send an email before your trial ends and you will not be charged for anything else.

3 Free Bonuses
(as soon as you sign up)

Health Test Cheat Sheet
($14.95 value – FREE!)

If you’ve ever left your annual doctor’s check with a simple “all good, see you next year” report and felt like you wanted to better understand your blood work and health, this PDF report is for you. We’ll show you the key blood and urine tests to ask for to measure metabolic health, and how to understand the difference between sickness, borderline, and optimal ranges.

Fix Your Posture Checklist
($14.95 value – FREE!)

In this PDF photo guide, we’ll look at your walking, working, and sleeping posture; and more specifically, we’ll look at simple changes you can make to move through your day in a way that is less likely to cause wear and tear on your joints.

How to Eat for Health & Longevity
($14.95 value – FREE!)

Most people focus on telling you what to eat, but the real question is how to eat. Most people over-emphasize the importance of micronutrients when the macronutrients have yet to be balanced. In this PDF guide you’ll discover that the YOGABODY approach to nutrition is non-dogmatic, simple, and principles-based.

Customer Reviews


“Lucas’ teaching is so rich in good content, very detailed and simple to understand”

He’s so committed to take everyone to a higher standard of professionalism. Very passionate, supportive and motivating, I recommend him and his team with no hesitation. I’m really thankful.

– Giulia


“Deep knowledge delivered like a trusted friend”

Lucas has deep knowledge of yoga and of the human body. He has the rare talent of sharing this knowledge in a way that makes you feel like a lifelong friend. He is authentic and informative; a welcomed combination.

– Karen


“A better quality of life”

I’ve had back problems for years and Lucas’ program has helped me live like a normal person again. His easy-to-follow step-by-step program is well produced and caters regardless of experience level. I’d recommend to anyone looking for a better quality of life.

– Glen Herringshaw


“Easy to use and for EVERYONE”

This program is easy to follow and contains LOTS of modifications to accommodate anyone at any level of fitness. The guide is incredibly knowledgeable and motivating. I am really enjoying the process and loving the progress I see and feel in my body everyday!

– Mandy


“Highly recommend YOGABODY!”

I’ve tried a lot of different exercise/yoga apps and YOGABODY is by far the best. I love how slowly he talks you through the routines and using your breath. I highly recommend!

– Cindy Torrez


“Everyone, at every level is welcome!”

I am 65 yrs old, and while I have only been participating a short while, I am beginning to see a bit of progress which is so exciting! I truly appreciate how Lucas demonstrates modifications for every move. Lucas has made sure no one is left out – everyone, at every level can participate.

– Patti Huebner


“More range of motion!”

I’ve always had stiff muscles and it has gotten worse with aging. When I found YOGABODY, it seemed to make sense the way Lucas showed the exercises. And it is definitely working. My ability to move more comfortably is clearly improving, and I see it in my golf swing, workouts, and play with the grandkids. Woohoo!

– Mark Myers


“One of the best things I have done”

One of the best things I have done recently. I came from a martial arts background, am now 51 and struggled putting my socks on in the morning. Four weeks in and the changes are evident – feeling much better. I would 100% recommend – life changing.

– Richard Taylor


“Encouraging improvement”

Information is presented from a position of knowledge and caring. Exercises are easy to follow and the sincerity of the presenter gives me the confidence to engage and continue the program. After only a very short time I have seen a small but encouraging improvement.

– Cheryl Adams

Meet the Teachers


Master Trainer & Director (E-RYT, YACEP)

Lucas Rockwood is an internationally renowned yoga trainer, TEDx Speaker, author, podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur.

Lucas’ corporate training clients include Facebook and Noom. His early yoga and meditation teachers include Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (deceased), Paul Dallaghan, Alex Medin, Gabriel Cousens MD, and SN Goenka (deceased).

Lucas left the USA in 2003 and traveled and taught extensively before making Barcelona, Spain, his home base. In a previous life, he worked in theater, publishing, and as a plant-based chef and nutritional coach. He’s the father of three international kids and remains as passionate about yoga as when he first began practicing in 2002.

Lucas is the founder and managing director of YOGABODY®, YB Teachers College®, The Lucas Rockwood Show (podcast), and author of Yoga Business Mastery: Earn a Great Living Doing What You Love.


Trainer (E-RYT, YACEP)

Camilo enrolled in his first yoga training course to deepen his practice, but he fell in love with teaching and made a quick career change. Camilo joined the Barcelona YOGABODY team in 2015 and immediately became involved in the management of sequence development, course planning, and new teacher mentorship.

Camilo teaches, leads, and co-leads the YOGABODY Teachers College® 200hr program, Trapeze Teacher Training, Science of Stretching Training, and Breath Coach Training courses. Along with his teaching and mentorship roles, Camilo plays an integral role in course curriculum development, lectures, and alumni.

Limited Time Intro Discount Ends in…


Just $1 Per Day
(No long-term commitment, cancel anytime)