How to Sell Without Selling Out (yeah, really!)

Part #7 of 7- Double Your Yoga Income

by Lucas Rockwood

“But I hate selling,” most yoga teachers tell me. Do you feel the same way?

Guess what, everyone hates selling. It’s awkward and weird and nobody likes to do it, especially not yoga teachers.

Well here’s the good news. There is no better selling tool in the world than teaching. That’s right, “teaching sells.” All by itself. Good sales is all about education, so assuming you’re a good yoga teacher (I know you are), you already know how to sell.

Let me prove it to you…

Think back to the first time you bought a laptop or your first smartphone. Remember all the questions you asked? The online review videos you watched? You were not trying to find the perfect sales pitch, were you? You were trying to get educated so you could decide for yourself.

So how do you sell yoga memberships, workshop series, teacher trainings, privates, and products? It’s really simple. You do what you love doing—teaching—and just make sure there is an opportunity for people to go deeper with you (aka buy something).

No, you don’t need to learn sales pitches.

No, you don’t need to have awkward telephone calls.

And no, you don’t need to upsell and cross sell your best clients.

When I realized I could sell yoga simply by teaching, it changed everything for me, and I know it will for you too.

Here’s how you put it into action:

I want you to look at your website, your postcards (you have one, right?), your Facebook and Instagram pages. Whatever marketing messages you’re using now, change at least half of them to something educational. Teach, teach, teach. On Facebook, give tips and tutorials. On Instagram, share your best advice. In emails, send people your favorite recipes. This is so simple, so liberating, and you’re going to be blown away by how effective it is.

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