How to Use ChatGPT as Your Personal Health Coach

Article by Lucas Rockwood

I f you’re looking to lose weight or get in shape by improving your diet and exercise routine—and if you’d benefit from a step-by-step program but don’t want to invest so much time, money, or effort—ChatGPT artificial intelligence can serve as your free, on-demand health coach. The results are impressive.

Critics of AI are quick to point out its flaws and blunders, but if you’d like more control over your health, the wealth of information available at your fingertips is too exciting to ignore. Since most of us have spent the past two decades neck-deep in traditional Google-style searches online, it takes some learning to adjust to natural language, and conversational style form of inquiry. In this quick guide I’ll reveal the best prompts to use for tailored results.

Tips for Success with ChatGPT

#1. Be Specific
Make sure to type in your age, fitness level, specific dietary requirements, and any other relevant details you would tell a nutritional coach if you were speaking in person. The more detailed you can be, the more tailored the response.

#2. Push Back / Give Feedback
If the bot gives you a wrong answer or missing information, push back and ask again. This is not a Google search, you can continue the conversation, so ask it to try again, and suggest improvements.

#3. Ask Better Questions and Follow-Up Questions
The better your questions, the better the answers you will receive. The better your follow-up or clarifying questions, the more excited you’ll become with your results.

Download PDF pose chart

Sample Prompts to Get You Started

Prompt #1
Can you create a 7-day meal plan? 2 meals per day (lunch and dinner only, skip breakfast), 3 snacks per day. Approximately 1800 calories per day. Can you include the calories per meal/snack?

Prompt #2
Can you make a grocery list for these items?

Prompt #3
Can you estimate how much this will cost? I live in Chicago.

Prompt #4
Can you create a 3-day weightlifting program? I am new to resistance training, looking for overall strength, weight loss, but not to bulk up. Total time: 30 min per workout.

Prompt #5
How do I know how much weight to use?

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