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STEP 1: open iTunes
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Step 4: click 2x’s on my show

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STEP 2: Go to the top right corner of the page and from the drop down menu choose: Request Desktop Site

STEP 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page
Click on “write a review”

STEP 4: Leave your review!


Some of Our Followers Reviews

Practical , accessible and the BEST health podcast anywhere!!

in iTunes by DeevahYoga from Australia on October 25, 2016

I discovered Lucas Blackwood when I ordered ( one of the best things Ive ever done in my life!) the Yoga Trapeze® from Yogabody. Since then I was lucky enough to discover his regular radio podcasts and I have become a devoted fan & follower! I love how Lucas takes really complex concepts and ideas and breaks them down and makes them accessible through the practical straight to the point questions, he always relates backs to either his real life challenges and flaws! All of his guests are experts and offer incredibly fascinating but practice advice. And a bonus is that Lucas always answers your questions or personal messages!

Amazing Resource of Honest Information

in iTunes by roxychristensen from USA on May 25, 2016

Lucas, I love all of your content on the Yoga Talk Show. Thank you for keeping it real and honest and discussing topics that are unknown, misunderstood, and bringing to light the scientific truth! You’re my number one source for accurate information for yoga, food, and health. Thank you!!

Insightful, informative and fun podcast!

in iTunes by Kellebelleyoga from UK on June 1, 2016

This is my favourite podcast! I genuinely get so excited with a notification comes through that a new episode is ready to download. Lucas has a very approachable and friendly style – super easy to listen to and such a well put together show. He covers topics that appeals to yogis and non-yogis alike, from stress to diet to breathing. I just wish the podcast was daily as I can’t get enough of it and find myself listening back to old episodes. Keep up the good work 🙂


in iTunes by Lisatheyogi from Canada on October 5, 2016

As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I make sure I never miss this podcast! I like that Lucas is so up to date with concepts/ideas and he also provides a different perspective. He always has great guests and only makes recommendations for products he’s actually reviewed. The cadence and tone of his voice also makes this podcast something I can listen to. Thanks from Canada!


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We have a special software that pulls reviews from all over the world, and each month, we’ll select a winner and announce the winner on the podcast. We’ll then ship your prize to you anywhere in the world.

Listen to the show and we’ll announce the winner.
Yes, we ship just about everywhere.
We have a program that finds our reviews in all countries.
Extremely high! It’s a little confusing to figure out how to leave a review, so most people never get around to it. Generally, your odds are 1 in 20 (or better), so you have a very good chance!

TERMS & CONDITIONS: winners will be announced on the show. No purchase necessary to enter, winner chosen at random, must be 13 years or older.