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Your honest rating and reviews helps more people find my show which helps me justify the work we put into the show. The truth is, we’ll keep doing it either way, but we’d really love to reach even more people. Can you help? Each month, I do a lucky draw from everyone who left a review, and we’ll send you a prize! Winners will be announced on the show. No purchase necessary to enter, must be 13 years or older.

How to Leave a Review

iPhone Users

  • STEP 1: Go to the Podcast App on your phone

  • STEP 2: Use the search icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Podcast App and search for, ‘Lucas Rockwood Show ‘

  • STEP 3: Click on my show

  • STEP 4: Click on ‘reviews’ and ‘write a review’

  • STEP 5: Leave your review

Computer users (PC & mac)

  • STEP 1: Open iTunes

  • STEP 2: Top left, select ‘podcasts’ from the dropdown

  • STEP 3: Top right, type in “Lucas Rockwood Show”
    NOTE: Make sure you’re searching in the store and not it your library.

  • Step 4: Click twice on my show

  • Step 5: Click on ‘ratings and reveiws’ and leave your review


We read each and every review that comes in, and we choose a lucky draw winner each month from the previous month’s entries to win a prize. Typically prizes include Yoga Trapezes, Yoga Wonder Wheels, Yoga Blocks and more.

How the Lucky Draw Works

We have a special software that pulls reviews from all over the world, and each month, we’ll select a winner and announce the winner on the podcast. We’ll then ship your prize to you anywhere in the world.

Listen to the show and we’ll announce the winner.
Yes, we ship just about everywhere.
We have a program that finds our reviews in all countries.
Extremely high! It’s a little confusing to figure out how to leave a review, so most people never get around to it. Generally, your odds are 1 in 20 (or better), so you have a very good chance!

TERMS & CONDITIONS: winners will be announced on the show. No purchase necessary to enter, winner chosen at random, must be 13 years or older.