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How to Leave a Review

iPhone Users

  • STEP 1: Go to the Podcast App on your phone

  • STEP 2: Use the search icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Podcast App and search for, ‘Lucas Rockwood Show ‘

  • STEP 3: Click on my show

  • STEP 4: Click on ‘reviews’ and ‘write a review’

  • STEP 5: Leave your review

Computer users (PC & mac)

  • STEP 1: Open iTunes

  • STEP 2: Top left, select ‘podcasts’ from the dropdown

  • STEP 3: Top right, type in “Lucas Rockwood Show”
    NOTE: Make sure you’re searching in the store and not it your library.

  • Step 4: Click twice on my show

  • Step 5: Click on ‘ratings and reveiws’ and leave your review