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YOGABODY offers a wide range of products from supplements to yoga props and digital programs,
all carefully designed for you to make the most of your practice.


Double your Flexibility in 4 weeks
with only 15 minutes a day.

Wonder WheelTM

Experience Deeper Backbends &
Build Core Strength

Handstand Canes

Improve your grip & core strength,
challenge your balance, get inverted!

Birch Parallettes

Practice Handstands, L-Sits
& Upper Body Strength Exercises

Awesome Toes®

Fix Your Feet Naturally with
Awesome ToesTM Corrective Spacers

Hurts So Good!®

Natural Rubber Creates Human-Like Deep Tissue Massage


Professional Yoga Training

Yoga Teachers Diploma

24-Week Program
200hrs of Training
Guaranteed Job Placement
Barcelona & At-Home Study

Where Passionate Students Come
to Start Their Career


Yoga Trapeze® Teacher Training

50hr course
1-week immersion in Barcelona
At-home study & eLearning
Exciting opportunity

Inversion Yoga is One of the
Fastest-Growing Trends in Fitness



21-Day Private
Yoga Business Accelerator

Earn a Great Income Teaching
Private Yoga Classes

21-Day Hip Opening Challenge

Live Instagram Course with
Lucas Rockwood

Online Trapeze Teacher Training

Become a Certified
Yoga Trapeze® Instructor


The Lucas Rockwood Show

EPISODE 341: Sugar is the Devil

By the end of the 1700s, the average American consumed four teaspoons of sugar a day. One hundred years later, that number had risen to eighteen teaspoons. Today, we’re consuming 22 teaspoons (93 grams) per day, and it’s a huge problem. Diabetes rates are through the roof, and elevated blood sugar levels contribute to nearly every major disease and illness.


EPISODE 340: Emotional Agility

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

What in your inner world enables you to fully show up in the outer world? What is more important: What you have or how you feel?


EPISODE 339: One Plant-Based Meal Per Day

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the internet will explode with searches for the best diets, which yield all kinds of good, bad, and absurd advice for getting healthy and fit. Vegetarians duke it out with Paleo people, macrobiotics argue with raw foodists, and the cycle goes on and on with no obvious winner.

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