Got Back Pain? Try These Yoga Trapeze® Poses

From our poor posture and dysfunctional footwear to our sedentary lives and hours spent hunched over our phones, our spines are rarely in proper alignment. Here are four Yoga Trapeze® poses for back pain, flexibility and more (video included).

Yoga Trapeze® Reviews

Get to know me, the Yoga Trapeze®, and the wonders of spinal traction just a little bit better. We have some real comments from how others get the most out of their trapezes.

The Yoga Trapeze® – Now Available in the UK

Due to high demand from customers in England and Scotland, we’ve been hard at work making a UK store possible. And it’s finally here!

Yoga Trapeze® Stand Review

You need a place to hang your Yoga Trapeze, punching bag, or gymnastic rings, and you’re looking for online reviews to see if it’s the right option for you. Before you make a purchase, this quick guide with real reviews should help you decide.