How to Hang Your Yoga Trapeze® Yoga Swing

Let me guess… you just received your first Yoga Trapeze® and you’re trying to figure out how to set it up, right? Don’t worry, we can help.

8 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Trapeze Class

A common misconception about all of yoga, not just the Yoga trapeze, is that it’s for the flexible, but the truth is anyone can get started on the Yoga Trapeze, regardless of level. If you or your student is wondering what to expect, share these beginner tips with them.

Why Most Yoga Classes Don’t Work for Flexibility

I had no idea back then, but as it turns out, most yoga classes are not about flexibility. That’s just a stereotype. To truly change your range of motion, you need a targeted approach outside of class.

Yoga Swing for Kids, Parties & Special Needs!

FUN FACT: Did you know that the Yoga Trapeze® is sometimes referred to as a “yoga swing” because of how it hangs?