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Working Towards Handstand

Morgan demonstrates a few preparations you can do...

Compass Pose

Kirby demonstrates how to get into Compass or Sundial pose. This exercise is great for...

Double Pigeon Pose

Gisele shows you how to do the "Double Pigeon" pose, also know as "Fire Log" pose.

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If you are into wellness…You ́ll LOVE our weekly Yoga Talk Show,
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EPISODE 203: The Dangers & Benefits of Breathing

Breathing has never been more popular in yoga, fitness, and mindfulness circles—but unfortunately, most people lump

EPISODE 202: Sleep Hygiene

You know you should sleep 7 to 8 hours per night, but do you really sleep that much? And when you do, is the quality of

EPISODE 201: Choose Your Own Life Adventure

We all want to live a life of adventure, purpose, and meaning - but that’s easier said than done. With each passing year, our

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