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This Week in Yoga Issue 3

Stuff Yoga People Want to Know – October 1st Edition

Knee Safety Fundamentals in Warrior I Pose

Warrior I is a foundational yoga pose in most traditions, and for knee safety, there are a few key alignment points that both students and teachers should be aware of beginning with the often-overlooked back leg.

This Week in Yoga Issue 2

Stuff Yoga People Want to Know – September 23rd Edition

Are you struggling to increase your flexibility?

If you have tight hamstrings, tight hips, or a painful lower back, either you’re not stretching correctly, not getting proper nutrition, or both!

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Yoga Talk Show

EPISODE 170: Breathing Instead of Medicating

Yoga is unique and powerful as a mind-body fitness modality in that it can restore balance

EPISODE 169: “Lucky Fish” Cure for Anemia?

When most people think about world hunger and poverty, they often think of

EPISODE 168: The Brain Fog Fix

Negative lifestyle habits and poor food choices can impact the neural messengers that keep you energized

Want great recipes that are both healthy and tasty?

Check out our awesome recipes that help you spruce up your diet and maintain a healthy balance!

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How to Magnetize a Baby (with sugar)

Are you addicted to sugar? At various times, I certainly have been

Free Yoga in India Video – Inspiring!

Check out this incredible and inspiring yoga video!

Bill Clinton Loses 24 lbs

When I saw this video with Bill Clinton, I was amazed to see how much healthier he looks.
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