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Free Yoga in India Video – Inspiring!

Check out this incredible and inspiring yoga video!

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Bill Clinton Loses 24 lbs

When I saw this video with Bill Clinton, I was amazed to see how much healthier he looks.

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Your Brain on Coffee

As a former coffee junkie, I’ve become obsessed with researching how long-term, heavy caffeine intake affects us…

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Are you struggling to increase your flexibility?

If you have tight hamstrings, tight hips, or a painful lower back, either you’re not stretching correctly, not getting proper nutrition, or both!

Sign up for our FREE “7 Secrets of Nutrition & Flexibility” Mini Course!

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This Month’s Featured Product:

Prenatal Yoga

Are you or a friend or family member pregnant? Prenatal yoga can be an extremely effective way to promote a healthy, happy birth. Mel Campbell’s The Yoga of Pregnancy is a comprehensive at-home course that is designed for moms-to-be, and can be used during all stages of pregnancy.

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Yoga Talk Show

EPISODE 161: Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has always been a polarizing topic, clouded in controversy, and it can be challenging to

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EPISODE 160: At-Home Kombucha Brewing

Ever heard of kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented tea loaded with beneficial bacteria, activated micronutrients

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EPISODE 159: How to Heal Your Messed Up Feet & Toes

Modern footwear leaves most people’s feet deformed by the time they reach adulthood,

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Want great recipes that are both healthy and tasty?

Check out our awesome recipes that help you spruce up your diet and maintain a healthy balance!

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Yogini’s in Bikinis: Will Social Media Ruin Yoga?

Yoga teachers often lament that social media has reduced yoga to a daily "yogini's in bikinis" photo competition.

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The Great Yoga Teacher “Shortage” of the 21st Century

Despite the fact there are as many as 50,000 new certified teachers each year, I've never met a good yoga instructor who had trouble finding work

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Why Big Yoga Brands are Not Owned by “Yoga People”

In 2013, Chip Wilson, the then CEO of Lululemon, made an offensive public statement about women's bodies in relation to his company's yoga pants.

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