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How to Magnetize a Baby (with sugar)

Are you addicted to sugar? At various times, I certainly have been

Free Yoga in India Video – Inspiring!

Check out this incredible and inspiring yoga video!

Bill Clinton Loses 24 lbs

When I saw this video with Bill Clinton, I was amazed to see how much healthier he looks.

Are you struggling to increase your flexibility?

If you have tight hamstrings, tight hips, or a painful lower back, either you’re not stretching correctly, not getting proper nutrition, or both!

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Omega-3 & Me: Raw Superfood Recipes w/ Chia Seeds

Everyone knows you need to eat more Omega-3’s, but what can you make that actually tastes good?

To help you find inspiration in the kitchen, YOGABODY’s guest chef, Tina Leigh, put together a 10-part video series to teach you how to Omega-3 up your meals in a flash. Fast, fun and delicious… you’ll love these!

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Yoga Talk Show

EPISODE 165: Bone Broth Miracle?

Nutrition is such an important topic, and no matter where we find ourselves on our health journey,we are constantly looking for ways to feel better

EPISODE 164: Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

This week, we take a close look at the brain mechanisms of emotion and memory. With as many as 25% of adult women taking some form of antidepressants,

EPISODE 163: Breathing Secrets of the Ice Man

Can breathing unlock your inner power, strengthen your body, and boost your immune system?

Want great recipes that are both healthy and tasty?

Check out our awesome recipes that help you spruce up your diet and maintain a healthy balance!

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10 Plant Based Proteins

Whoever said you can only get your protein from animal products got it all wrong! Even on a plant-based diet, nature provides us with everything we need to stay strong and healthy. Here are 10 of the many great sources of plant-based protein you can find out there.

Chuck Norris and Yoga

10 True Facts About Chuck Norris & Yoga

Yogini’s in Bikinis: Will Social Media Ruin Yoga?

Yoga teachers often lament that social media has reduced yoga to a daily "yogini's in bikinis" photo competition.
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