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Your Brain on Coffee

As a former coffee junkie, I’ve become obsessed with researching how long-term, heavy caffeine intake affects us…

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Yoga PMS Relief

In this quick and easy sequence, Sonia guides us through some excellent poses for relieving menstrual cramps and pain.

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Glowing Skin Sequence

This quick 4-minutes sequence is boosting and stimulating your circulation and skin.

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Are you struggling to increase your flexibility?

If you have tight hamstrings, tight hips, or a painful lower back, either you’re not stretching correctly, not getting proper nutrition, or both!

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This Month’s Featured Product:

Prenatal Yoga

Are you or a friend or family member pregnant? Prenatal yoga can be an extremely effective way to promote a healthy, happy birth. Mel Campbell’s The Yoga of Pregnancy is a comprehensive at-home course that is designed for moms-to-be, and can be used during all stages of pregnancy.

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Yoga Talk Show

EPISODE 148: The Art & Science of Better Sleep

Poor sleep quality has reached critical mass, and the problem seems to be getting worse with our modern lifestyles.

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EPISODE 147: Life on the Run

Running and injuries go hand-in-hand, but it’s such a fundamental, functional movement practice - and so good for you - there must be a way to spend your “life on the run.”

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EPISODE 146: Can the Moringa Tree Stop World Hunger?

Moringa is known as the “miracle tree” due to its many healing properties. With over 92 macro and mirco-nutrients, nearly every part of the tree can be used to heal and sustain life.

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Want great recipes that are both healthy and tasty?

Check out our awesome recipes that help you spruce up your diet and maintain a healthy balance!

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Successful Home Practice

There are so many fantastic at-home yoga and fitness programs available right now.

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Yoga Makes You Cry

One of my teachers shared a story recently of a student that started crying uncontrollably during her class.

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Stress Can Kill You

One of the most challenging things we all face in our lives is stress.

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