This Week In Yogaland

New & Noteworthy in Yogaland – November 25th Edition


Yoga on the Xbox? Yup, it’s there…

After a brief tease on the official Xbox Fitness Instagram account yesterday, Microsoft has properly announced the latest batch of workouts to launch on the Xbox One’s Xbox Fitness app, YO:30, a 5-part yoga series that brings more yoga to the console […]

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Airplane Yoga Guide for In-Flight Sanity

Experts have created an in-flight yoga guide which helps keep the body supple during long haul flights and relieves tension in nervous fliers. […]

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Sore Eyes from Computer Work? Try these Yoga Exercises…

There are six muscles that connect the eye to the eye socket and help them move side to side, up and down and all around. When you read, drive or watch something over an extended period of time, it drains your eye muscles of flexibility and tires them out. […]

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26 Yoga “Green Light” Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

Yoga is a great way to break a sweat without a ton of impact or super intense cardio—although some standard poses, like child’s pose, corpse pose, downward-facing dog, and happy baby, were considered potentially harmful during pregnancy. […]

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4 Steps to Learn Headstand Pose

The classic yoga headstand is a very powerful pose and one that every student can learn to do safely and effectively. The only thing required to learn is a little patience and a willingness to take it step-by-step. […]

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5 Tips for Successful At-Home Yoga

There are so many fantastic at-home yoga and fitness programs available right now. From DVDs and streaming videos, to books and pose charts, there’s never been a better time to learn yoga on your own, but the big problem most students experience is the challenge of actually getting out of bed, rolling out your mat, and getting started. […]

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