Yoga Influencers Wanted
Want to Get Paid for Your Instagram Posts?

We love to invest our advertising dollars in real yoga people on social media. If you are active on social media and have a yoga community, we’d love to connect with you!

How it Works

STEP 1: Apply for our Influencer Program below

STEP 2: If accepted, we’ll send you opportunities 1-2x’s per month

STEP 3: If you like the opportunity and it feels like a good fit for your audience, you participate in the post—and get paid!

STEP 4: We pay all our influencers based on their average engagement in the past month. We don’t care about you followers or your fame, we just care about how many people engage with your posts. More engagement = more money.

Sample Opportunity

OVERVIEW: 12 Holiday Giveaways

HOW TO JOIN: Simply post the giveaway + text to your account

PAY: $0.15 per average engagement paid weekly via paypal*

EXAMPLE: 3,000 average engagements = $450*

*we take the average engagement in your account for the past month and multiply that by the pay rate. You get paid based on engagement on your recent, personal posts, not ours.

*must be a personal account and a not company brand
*must have at least 10k followers
*engagement rate more than 1% (we will calculate this)
*must have an account related health, wellness & fitness

How to Apply

We accept people of all walks of life and accounts of all sizes and types. Mostly, we are looking for authentic yoga influencers with interesting accounts. To apply, simply fill out the form below.

NOTE: we’ll get back to you within 1 week, and if accepted, your first opportunity will be available within 30 days. Remember, you always have the option to accept or decline any opportunity.