“If I can do it at 270 pounds being horribly out of shape with a degenerative spine, you can too! And your back will thank you!”

By Picky Shopper on February 17, 2016

I love it! The shipping was fast and everything was packaged well. The webpage offers great instructions on installation that my husband was able to easily use. We bought the indoor hammock hanging kit by live infinitely to hang it because of the large (600 pound) weight limit. The ropes that come with it are perfect for being able to adjust the height to where you want them. There is defiantly a bit of a learning curve when first starting to use it for hanging upside down. After a few times of awkward flipping and flailing around (which was hilarious and I was laughing my butt off and having fun the whole time) I got it. Now here is the kicker. I am an out of shape (for now) 270 pound 5’5″ woman and I could still do it. The fabric, rope, and carabiners are really sturdy. At first I was worried about my weight being too much for it. But after a few uses I realized that it had no problem holding my weight. Hanging upside down looks way harder than it is. I only hang for a half minute or so at a time for now. But doing that a few times a day I think is making a difference. I have a degenerative spine and a crap load of back issues. This yoga swing is awesome for it! Also there was an unexpected benefit: accidental massive ab workout! The first few days of using it my ab muscles were getting really sore (a sign of a good workout). It took me a little bit to realize that just getting in and out of the hanging position was working my abs that much. I know, probably a sad sign of just how out of shape my abs were, but I’ll take it! Also, I love that it is machine washable. The only drawback was the lack of colors. I wish that they had a white version. I have the purple one, and it is pretty, but I would rather be able to leave it hanging up without it sticking out so much because of it being colorful.

  “Product is great so far”

By Amazon Customer on February 15, 2016

Product is great so far, really easy set up, easy to follow instructional videos online if need be.
So far it’s sturdy, material is strong and secure. I’d recommend!