7 Ways Modern Shoes Ruin Your Feet

It’s no secret that high heels ruin your feet, but did you know that running shoes, athletic shoes, and just about every type of loafer cause huge problems as well?

by Lucas Rockwood

The below image shows a very common pattern of foot deformation. To see this in real life, simply compare the feet of young children (under 5) with the feet of their parents.

Problem #1: Your Toes Get Deformed

Both women and men who wear shoes that narrow at the tip (almost all modern shoes do) will eventually end up with deformed toes. This does not happen overnight, but by the time most people reach their 20s, their toes are squished together and their feet are deformed.

Problem #2: Your Posture Gets Messed Up

Almost every shoe on the market, for both women and men, has an elevated heel. Whether it’s a 1/4-inch lift on a pair of loafers or a 3-inch lift on a pair of boots, your weight gets forced onto the balls of your feet, your hips move forward, and you over-extend your lower back. This misaligned posture (all day!) can lead to pain, injury, and even permanent damage to your joints.

Problem #3: You Become a “Heel Striker”

The cushioning of most shoes (along with elevated heels) encourage you to take big strides and land with most of your weight on your heels. This constant and unnaturally forceful impact radiates up your knees, hips, spine, and even to your neck. Your air-cushioned running shoes or gel-cushioned work shoes are creating all kinds of problems.

Problem #4: You Lose Your Balance

Healthy toes should be able to spread apart just like fingers, but for most people, this is impossible because their toes are squished. Without the ability to distribute your weight and use your toes for balance and movement, your balance suffers. This is particularly noticeable if you’re a skier, a yoga student, a dancer, or do any kind of board sports. Squished feet make it difficult to balance.

Problem #5: Your Foot Changes Shape

Do you have bunions, corns, overlapping toes or hammertoe? These conditions were practically non-existent before the birth of modern footwear. Today, they are extremely common.

Problem #6: Your Feet Hurt!

After a long day of work, it’s normal to have tired feet—but many people suffer from chronic pain such as tendonitis, shin splits, or plantar fasciitis caused by so much time spent wearing bad shoes.

Problem #7: Your Feet Literally Shrink

Everyone shuns the ancient practice of “Chinese foot binding” and yet, we’re doing it to ourselves every day! It’s not uncommon to lose one full shoe size due to foot deformation and squished up toes.

The solution? Ditch your modern shoes in favor of minimal footwear, try to spend as much time barefoot as possible, and use toe spacers to correct your current condition.

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  • After work & around the house
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