Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga Trapeze®

Orders and Shipping
The special offer we have currently is FREE SHIPPING (USA only) when you purchase the trapeze. The trial does not include shipping, and this varies depending on location. Prepaid return labels are not available.
Unfortunately, we have no control over local taxes (wish we did!) but usually this item has little or no taxes in most countries. Customers in the UK usually have to pay customs.
The dimensions for the trapeze in the shipping box are:
10 x 7 x 4 ¾
4.1 lbs.
If you like the trapeze and decide to keep it, after those 30 days we will charge you $98 (which is $68 off normal price).
The trial is limited to one per household, but of course, you can order as many trapezes as you like.
The product is shipped from California, USA.
Some customers in Canada and UK had to pay an additional amount for customs. We try to ship to Canada from whenever possible to avoid extra charges for our customers. We have not had reported issues with customs in other countries.
Email us at [email protected] to receive return instructions.

Trapeze Set-up
The simplest way to install is using an exposed beam in your house, garage or porch. You can also use our Door Mount Bar if you want to hang it in your door frame. You can see how it works in this video tutorial. Also, the bar of a swing set or a tree branch will work. With this easy setup, you can set it up in just one minute. You simply hang the rope over and hook in. You can see the setup instructions here.
Please use the link below to help you with this installation.
Yoga Trapeze Bolt Set-up
We suggest about hip height, so that you can get in and out without difficulty.
From the carabiner to the base of the trapeze is about 43 inches. The longest handle is approximately 53 inches. However, you should allow for more space when hanging the trapeze, as the ropes add at least 6 inches or so.
Yes, many people use this as a simple way to hang the trapeze. We also sell a removable bar that is great for people looking for an easy way to hang the trapeze. Check out this page for more information.
We generally recommend that you stand with your arms outstretched. If you then bend your arms at the elbows and point your hands at a 90 degree angle towards the ceiling, this is the distance between bolts.
Yes we do! Check out this page for the bar and this page for the Trapeze Stand.
Yes of course, and many people prefer to hang it outside. Because it can be easily set-up and taken down, many people love to take it for afternoons in the park or time in the backyard.

Trapeze Exercises

Find our free tutorial videos and our photo tutorials

We also have premium-access DVD, USB and Online Videos (downloadable) available here.

You can do both. To get traction on your spine, just hanging is great. If you want to start doing some passive backbends which are really powerful, you can start to do other exercises. In terms of engaging your core, you can do a lot of different core exercises as well, like inverted crunches and inverted dips but we suggest you separate the two activities.
Supported side splits is a really intense pose you can do in the trapeze. It usually takes a minute or two just to get down in it, and you use the trapeze to lower yourself down, reaching your arms above your head and lowering yourself down slowly.
You’ve got to be really, really careful with your neck. In terms of using the yoga trapeze, we would certainly suggest having someone assist you. Be sure to take it very slow; no fast movements, no dynamic movements. Use the gravity traction, just the passive hangs in the trapeze. Just make sure you have someone nearby who can support you if you feel like you need some support.
Inverting on yoga trapeze is very easy, just take it slow and gently lower yourself back while holding the long handles. Wrap your legs around the trapeze and hook your feet. If you hook your feet correctly you should be completely secure. If you are worried, have a friend there to spot you the first time until you build confidence. Check out our tutorial videos for a better idea of how to do this.
In theory, yes, you can do a back flip. It’s not really what it’s designed for. We wouldn't recommend it for that, but we would recommend passive backbends.

General Questions
We have student of all ages, including in their 60s and 70s using The Yoga Trapeze, but for sure talk to (and trust) your doctor.
The maximum usage of the Yoga Trapeze is 350lbs (weight tested for up to 600lbs), although the strength of where you hang it is generally the limiting factor. Please be sure that wherever you hang the trapeze can support your weight.
If the trapeze is digging into either your back or your thighs it means you have not positioned it correctly. When you sit in the trapeze it should only cover a small area, from your upper thighs to the middle of your bottom. Imagine you are sitting in a tire swing: that is how you should position yourself in the trapeze (see the picture above). Be sure to check out our tutorials and videos to get all the proper alignment instructions.
The trapeze can certainly help with back pain and flexibility. To get rid of the lower back pain we would suggest starting with a few minutes a day just hanging upside down, it’s good for your spine and it feels great. Just try to do daily stretching, even just 15 minutes a day – that will make a big difference.
Inversions are usually not recommend for people with high blood pressure, but check with your doctor as that is not always the case.
For some people, inversions can make them feel a bit dizzy at first. Your body simply has to adjust, and after a little while practicing, you should be able to use the trapeze without any nausea or dizziness. Take your time, go slowly, and remember to breathe. Drink lots of water and don’t forget to listen to your body. Most people find this sensation passes very quickly.
There’s no reason this should be a problem, but as always, listen to your body.
Yes, it is machine washable. Be sure to remove all the carabiners and put it on a low temperature. Hang to dry.
You do not need to; however, for poses that utilize the ground it is probably nicer to have a mat beneath your feet/arms.
Currently our only trapeze classes are in Barcelona. However, we are in the process of expanding and are looking into various opportunities.


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