Upgrade to the Yoga Trapeze® Pro!

Huge Improvements in Design & Function

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Yoga Trapeze Pro! While we've been constantly improving our design for years, this is the biggest change we've made to date, and we're excited to offer our existing clients a deep discount if you'd like to upgrade your Yoga Trapeze Classic for a Pro Model.

Upgrade & Save $30 Today!
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Upgrade Your Yoga Trapeze

What's New with the Pro?

  • Less metal. There are just two carabiners instead of four and no more rope thimbles. This means the rig is lighter, sleeker, easier to set up, and silent when you practice (no clanking metal sounds when you get in)
  • Quick Release Straps. Setup, washing, and storage are now easier than ever. No more threading your carabiners through thin fabric. With the new quick release straps, you just slide, clip, and off you go.
  • Daisy Chain Straps. Our jet black straps allow for fast and easy setup, higher and lower hanging options, and they make setup a breeze for studios or teachers. No more ropes, no more knotting, and no more rope thimbles.
  • Mesh Carrying Bag. Great for storage, washing, and transporting your rig. For studios, it's great so you can see what color the trapeze is without opening the bag.

How Does the Upgrade Work?

  • Only available for existing Yoga Trapeze owners.
  • Enter your receipt and/or email address below.
  • Receive a one-time $30 discount off your Yoga Trapeze Pro upgrade

Upgrade the Yoga Trapeze® Pro!