How to Practice Superman Pose on the
Yoga Trapeze

A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Superman (aka Superwoman, Flying Spider, Flying Squirrel) is one of the most iconic poses practiced on the Yoga Trapeze. It involves upper body strength, core, and balance; but it looks much more difficult than it is. Most students can learn it in a few minutes.

The Setup

  1. Find your seat in the Yoga Trapeze, “V” your legs, look at your toes, lean all the way back

  2. Bend your knees and touch the soles of your feet together in front of the main sling

  3. Grab the longest handles with a spread-fingers grip, palms facing down

  4. Extend your arms all the way out at your sides, drop your head and relax in Spiderman Pose

  5. Bend your elbows up toward the ceiling, touch your thumbs to your shoulders and gently lift your chin away from your chest to look forward

  6. All at once: lift your head, push your hands straight down (think pushup motion) and kick your legs straight back behind you – you got it!

  7. To release, bend your knees and touch the soles of your feet together, bend your elbows, and reverse out the same way you entered

Practice Tips

  • Make sure you start and end in Diamond Legs (not double-crossed legs)

  • Before you push/kick up into the pose, try to use as little energy as you can during the setup

  • With the push, remember to push down (not forward) so you’ll feel more stable

  • With the kick, make sure it happens at the same time as the push

  • With your head, lift your chin as far from your chest as possible and look up


  • Can’t make it up on your own yet? Have someone stand behind you, grab your ankles, and pull your legs straight back and down.