Financial Agreement
Yoga Teachers College

Please take a moment to read through the basic financial agreement below before continuing.

I understand that all course payments are final, non-transferable and non-refundable under any circumstances.

I understand that payment does not in any way guarantee or ensure successful completion or graduation from the course. All degrees must be earned.

I understand that this is a professional yoga degree program that requires an 85% (or higher) pass rate on all quizzes and assessments to qualify for graduation.

I understand that this course will be both mentally and physically challenging at times, and I attest that I am fit both in body and mind to take on the challenge.

I understand that failure to disclose information requested in this application or misrepresentation of myself, my experience, or my medical history could be considered grounds for dismissal from the course.

I understand that this course is not intended for those with addictions, mental illness, or those in the midst of a personal crisis.

I understand that any missed payments for fees or tuition will result in a discontinuation of access to course material, mentorship, and resources.

I understand that disruptive, rude, or offensive behavior will not be allowed and will be considered grounds for dismissal from the course.

Contact: [email protected]
(+1) 310.294.3550