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  • The Lucas Rockwood Show

    This no-nonsense health and wellness show features best-selling authors and thought leaders in nutrition, mental health, relationships, and self-improvement. Each episode also includes listener Q&A. Hosted by yoga trainer, writer, and expert speaker, Lucas Rockwood, the founder of YOGABODY and The Yoga Teachers College.

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    EPISODE 411: Heart Rate Variability Simplified

    “I know my body!” is something I hear from yoga students constantly. Sometimes they want to keep practicing and shouldn’t (due to injury or illness), or maybe they want to stop practicing and shouldn’t (because the breakthrough is a few poses away). I wish we all knew and understood our inner world as well as our outer world, but most of us don’t.


    EPISODE 410: Water, Whiskey, Coffee – Yoga Breathing Made Simple

    “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye


    EPISODE 409: Losing it All in COVID-19

    Greetings from Barcelona. We’re nearly 2 months into COVID-19 lockdown, and instead of our usual expert interviews, I thought I’d share my experiences so far during COVID-19 with the hopes that I can glean some insight, and maybe you too.


    EPISODE 408:The Pleasure Gap – Women’s Inequality in the Bedroom

    “Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.”
    – Hunter S. Thompson


    EPISODE 407: Adversity into Advantage

    As I get older, I appreciate the struggles of my past almost as much as the successes. And here’s my question for you: What if your greatest weakness can be transformed into your greatest strength?


    EPISODE 406: How Successful People See the World

    I ran out of laundry detergent last week and couldn’t motivate myself to walk 20 steps to the store to buy more. Why?


    EPISODE 405: Premature

    Once a month I have to tell a pregnant yoga student that she cannot practice in our studio, cannot hang upside down in the Yoga Trapeze, or practice long-hold, passive stretches in our Gravity Yoga classes.


    EPISODE 404: The New Science of Self Actualization

    When I feel frustrated with my place in the world, it’s often because I feel I’m not living up to my full potential. I have more to offer, more to give – and yet I’m not making it happen. Maslow defined this desire to become our best self as the need to self-actualize.


    EPISODE 403: How to Overcome COVID-19 Anxiety

    You’re stuck at home, your economic future is uncertain, and it’s difficult to plan more than one day at a time. To make things even more challenging, the people and activities that bring you the most joy might be unavailable.


    EPISODE 402: Yoga for All Bodies

    I once had a yoga student with a prosthetic leg. I didn’t realize until I attempted to push her heel to the floor in Downward Dog. I assumed that she wanted to simply blend into class and that’s why she hadn’t told me (or anyone at reception) before joining class.

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