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Are you a yoga teacher that wants to turn your passion into a financially stable career? Have you calculated your earning potential but can’t figure out how to achieve your goals unless you come up with a new plan? If so, there’s a very good chance I can help you. Here are the top benefits reported by students enrolled in Yoga Business Mastery:

  • Fix Your Head Trash – overcome your fear of business, stop underearning, and finally feel confident to charge what you’re worth. Yoga is a $37 billion industry. Why not you?
  • Get the Gig – learn how to land interviews with studios, book retreats, find corporate clients, and cold pitch anyone you want. With my copy/paste templates, you’ll find so many opportunities that you’ll be able choose things based on what excites you most.
  • Become an Expert – you’ll learn how to succeed through specialization. When you develop deep knowledge, you’ll stand out in your market and everything becomes easier. Generalists starve and experts excel. In this course, I’ll show you how focused teaching unlocks more opportunities than hours in the day. The best part is, most teachers already have unique skills and advantages, they simply need to leverage them.
  • 2x Your Income w/ Pricing & Packages – most teachers can double their current income simply by using a better pricing and packaging strategy. This is not about sales tricks or marketing. Instead, we’ll create long-term, high value client relationships.
  • Design Your Dream Life – in the old days, yoga studios were the gatekeepers and controlled teachers’ lives. No more. Today, smart teachers are in control and can create opportunities with or without studios. Live anywhere, teach students you want to work with, and build your teaching life on your own terms.

Before I share with you the details of the program, it’s important to understand… This is not about studio ownership. Studio ownership is not a good business model anymore.

This is not a course about influencer marketing or personal branding. Those are very limited opportunities, and they are not good options for most teachers. And this is not a course about creating or reselling physical products. Yoga Business Mastery is designed to take what you already do, teach great classes, and turn that service into a long-term, profitable career. This is the blueprint I wish I had back in 2003 when I quit my job and ventured out on my own for the first time.


Pam had been happily teaching drop-in yoga classes at several local studios for five years. She was very happy with her work but frustrated that her income had not grown much at all. I taught her about the concept of “energetic equity”, and she realized she had very large income opportunities waiting for her to simply make an offer. Within months, she filled a 65-person retreat and a local workshop series. Her income that year alone increased by more than 30%.

Did You Know…

Did you know… some yoga teachers travel the world and teach at health resorts? And some even get their accommodation, food, and travel paid for by their employers.

Did you know… yoga studios are desperate for workshops because almost no teachers are offering them? (I’ve owned and operated studios since 2003, really, no one is doing this)

Did you know… corporate clients, schools, and elder care facilities are actively hiring yoga teachers – but most yoga teachers know about this opportunity?

Did you know… yoga teachers are using travel sites like Airbnb to book hundreds of private clients per year with a marketing cost of $0?

Did you know… there are some yoga teachers on Instagram with private accounts that students pay to follow. The teacher uses this account to share video classes like an online studio!

Did you know… since the pandemic, 1000s of teachers have moved online teaching from Zoom in their living room and are now able to connect with extremely niche groups around the world?

Lucas Rockwood Thailand Yoga PHOTO: me teaching in 2005, happy but broke. No health insurance, no real stability in life. It was fun at 26 years old, but I needed to grow up.

I Was the Quintessential Yoga Bum

I started as a quintessential yoga bum with a backpack, a guitar, and a pair of flip flops. I was so broke, I couldn’t even afford health insurance. All my possessions fit in one bag, and I used a cheap, Nokia brick phone with a pay-as-you-go SIM card for years.

There’s nothing wrong with being poor, it certainly makes you resourceful and resilient; but as time goes on, it limits your options. Money can expand your personality and allow you to fully express your best self, but a lack of money can force you to contract, put your chin down, and live a reserved life.

When you’re living week-to-week like I was, you cannot think about building a family, buying a home, or settling down. Financial insecurity trickles into all aspects of life, and before you know it, you’re making decisions based on fear and uncertainty more than passion and purpose.

Yoga teachers often tell me that “money doesn’t matter.” If you have money, that’s true, money doesn’t matter. But my third year as a yoga teacher, I had a toothache and needed to go to the dentist. I had less than $100 in my bank account at the time, and at times like those, believe me, money matters. When I became a father in my late 20s and had no idea how I’d pay for daycare and medical bills, again, money suddenly mattered a whole lot.

If you’re fortunate enough to have inherited money or are independently wealthy, I probably can’t help you. Yoga Business Mastery is designed for independent yoga teachers who are on this journey alone and need help turning their passion into a long-term profession. I’ll guide you step-by-step over the course of 12 days through mindset, strategy, and real-world tactics needed for you to be successful.

Is this Right for Me?

When I first started teaching yoga, everyone had an opinion about my career. Some people told me to teach workshops, others said I needed to franchise a studio, and most people told me it just wasn’t going to work long term.

The wrong advice can set you on a path of failure and frustration, and worse, it could even put you off teaching altogether. If you’re hesitating right now, this is a good sign and it means you’re making careful decisions. With that in mind, let me share with you exactly who this program is designed for to see if it’s a fit for you.

  • Are you a passionate yoga teacher feeling stuck with current income and long-term plans?
  • Have you noticed that many teachers older than you are not making any more than you, and many are still living week-to-week?
  • Are you a growth-oriented person who sees personal and professional development as a must in life?
  • Are you someone interested in a career not just a paycheck?
  • Have you always felt that the “go with the flow” business approach that most teacher believe in is a little immature and short sighted?
  • Are things like health insurance, owning a home, retirement, and financial stability on your personal success checklist?
  • Does it frustrate you to see yoga teachers less skilled than you earning more and impacting more students because they have better business skills?
  • Are you willing to step outside your current (dis)comfort zone and learn new things? Put yourself out there? Break the mold?

If you answered “yes” to at least three of the questions above, this program is designed for you and might just be the biggest game changer over your professional career.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

DAY 1: Mindset Shift

Until you clean up your head trash about money, you’ll never make it. In this module, you’ll learn how to clear mental money blocks, define success on your own terms, and set yourself up for success.

DAY 2: Skills and Certifications

Determine the ideal balance between professional credentials and the real-world skills needed by high performance teachers. Almost everyone I work with already has the required skills to be successful, but every single teacher I work with also has areas they could develop that would give them a tremendous advantage in business.

DAY 3: Positioning for Success

The moment I started specializing as a yoga teacher, my per hour rate went up by 2-3x. Yours can too. I’ll show you how to identify your unique skills, abilities, and experiences to stand out in the marketplace. You’ll learn how to diversify your income and point yourself toward green light opportunities.

DAY 4: Yoga Business = You + Your Community

Forget about studio ownership, personal branding, or essential oil network marketing schemes… those are not good options. In the teaching business, there are only two assets: you and your community. Everything else is busy distraction or necessary admin work. Once you get focused on devoting time to building yourself up and building your community up, your bank balance will follow along for the ride.

DAY 5: Discover Your Ideal Client & Success

Your classes are unique, and not designed for everyone—and this is a strength not a weakness. Every teacher has a specific audience that they connect best with, and that’s where you need to focus all your time and energy. We’ll sketch out your ideal client, where they live, their age, background, and profile. Once you know who you are serving, what to offer them becomes simple and fun.

DAY 6: Teaching Opportunities Offline

There are over 30 million yoga students worldwide, and today, most of those students are practicing outside of yoga studios. This means you can find exciting opportunities in: schools, offices, eldercare facilities, parks, climbing gyms, cruise ships, music festivals, and more. Yoga studio gigs are still great, but they are just one piece of the puzzle. This is such an amazing way to connect with students anywhere and it allows you to be anywhere too

DAY 7: Teach Yoga Online

Online teaching opportunities have exploded, and while many teachers are initially skeptical, once you see how much flexibility it gives you (work anywhere!) and how many unique and niche classes you can offer, you’ll be forever a convert. Online classes are simple, scalable, profitable, and most importantly, they fill a real need for students.

DAY 8: Time Management for Success

Early on with my teaching, I fell into the trap of thinking that classes were “my work,” and once class was done, I’d go home and relax. This is not how you build a business. Teaching is a huge part of what you do, but you also need to manage time for community building, for your personal practice, for outreach and for developing new opportunities. You’ll learn how to devote daily time for you and your community to make daily deposits into the growth of your business.

DAY 9: Pricing & Packaging

Most of my students can 2x their income simply by changing their pricing model. Price is a huge part of the decision-making process for anything, and with yoga, pricing is even more important because no one needs just one class. They need a program. In this module, you’ll learn how a simple repositioning of what you’re already doing to earn more and serve your students better.

DAY 10: Your Online Profile

Don’t be that yoga teacher whose Instagram feed is filled with drunken party photos. It’s just not professional, and these things matter. Your students and potential employers will Google Search your name, so you need to invest some time and energy into presenting yourself as the professional you are. Following my checklist, you’ll have this done in an hour, and I’ll also help you gather collect 5-star reviews that will live online to add to your credibility. This is not difficult, but it’s vitally important that you look the part for success.

DAY 11: Get the Gig

My typical student gets 10-20% response rate to their cold pitch emails for classes, workshops, and even traveling teaching gigs. How is this possible? I’ve personally hired over 150 teachers, so I know exactly how to get the attention and the response of your future employers and partners. Better still, you can use my copy/paste templates, and you’ll be amazed how quickly the doors fly open.

DAY 12: Case Study + Launch

You’re no longer just a yoga teacher, you’re also a yoga business owner – so let’s launch this new venture officially! A case study is an amazing way to gain confidence, gather beta test group, collect real-life success stories, and to earn your first revenue. This simple strategy is a fun and low-pressure way to launch, and you’ll be so excited to get your program on its feet.

How it Works – Schedule & Planning

The YOGABODY Teachers College® is the leader in professional online education, and we treat every course with university-level rigor. Our programs are 100% practical. The course is on demand and community based. You’ll be launching your business alongside a supportive peer group from around the world, and you’ll have answers to every single one of your questions as we go.


  • 12 video based modules
  • Daily Homework: 20-30 min
  • On demand Mentorship, and Support from Trainers
  • eLearning Center – lifetime access to all course materials and business resources


Jay taught private yoga and fitness classes for over two years, and he was doing well enough to support his lifestyle in New York City. His problem? He was living week-to-week. He had constant client cancellations, his schedule was pure chaos, and he often worked seven days a week simply because he didn’t know how what the future had in store. In my pricing and packaging module, Jay quickly learned how to bundle his offers to create a more affordable plan for his clients in exchange for longer commitments. Within 6 weeks, he’d pre-sold and pre-booked 6 months’ worth of work. With cash in the bank and a stable (and sane!) schedule, he could relax into his rewarding private practice of teaching without any more money stress.

Meet Your Trainer

I have owned four studios and taught in 7 countries. I have three kids, twenty-six employees, a 500+ episode podcast, a viral TEDx Talk, and a yoga props business. I’m a corporate wellness trainer with clients that include Facebook and Noom, and I have a day-to-day work life that I never knew was even possible when I first started out.

Through my training school, I’ve certified over 21,000 teachers, and I’ve excelled in business to the extent that not only do I run my own companies, I’m also a highly paid consultant for online and offline wellness business in four different countries.

I’m sharing this with you, not to brag, but just so you know that I’m teaching from a place of hard-earned expertise. I know the business of yoga as well as anyone alive today, and as a career teacher, I’m excited to share with you the essentials you need to go from zero to freedom quickly.

Lucas Rockwood Yoga

Yoga Business Mastery

On-Demand Course

Lucas Rockwood Business


  • Finally, earn what you’re worth
  • Fix your head trash
  • Discover lifestyle freedom
  • Become an expert
  • Get the gig
  • Develop win-win pricing & packages
  • Design a life of your dreams.


  • On-demand Video Classes, Mentorship, and Support from Trainers
  • Lifetime Access to eLearning Training and Business Resources
  • Access to entire course material, recordings, copy/paste files, done-for-you templates, and more – for life


  • Smart phone, tablet or laptop
  • 1-2hrs per day
  • Coachable attitude (ready to learn?)

Normal Price: $595
Save $200
Discount Price: $395


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason (or no reason at all), you’re unhappy with this course, just email us for a full and prompt refund
anytime within a year of purchase. We stand behind all our programs unconditionally because our customer
success and happiness rates are so high. We’re responsive, reliable, and we’re here to help.

15hr Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate Course

Our school is a registered Continuing Education provider, so all students who successfully complete the program will be issued a 15-hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate that counts toward your required continued education.

Free Bonuses (as soon as you sign up)

Price Calculator ($15 value – FREE!)

We try to check as many things off your to-do list as possible, this easy-to-use calculator will help you determine your rates based on the types of classes you plan to offer.

YOGABODY Bio One Link For Everything ($69 value – FREE!)

Unsure how to manage your business online? Create your personalized YB.Bio page, then schedule your classes, organize your online payments, and plug-in your social accounts all from one place. Your Bio Page offers all the tools you need to present your business professionally to the world. 

Done-for-You Social Media Promo ($119 value – FREE!)

If no one is messaging you on social media to ask about classes, your bio probably needs an update. Try one of the dozens of free templates we’ve created and take advantage of our drafted social media responses.

New Student / Liability Form Template ($39 value – FREE!)

This simple form allows you to collect student contact details, outlines your terms and conditions, and serves as a legal liability waiver for your classes. Copy/paste our template and off you go.

LIVE! Coaching Call ($119 value – FREE!)

After you complete your modules, Lucas will send you a short questionnaire, then he’ll book in a 20-min strategy call with you via Zoom to help you with your unique situation and any specific queries you may have. 

Student Reviews


“I’m more confident now.”

I have been so delighted with the course! It gave me confidence that I can start up my own business in a niche field which is something I never thought possible before.The step-by-step approach made it so comprehensible and easy to understand!

– Asa


“Yoga Business Mastery. Fantastic!”

I just completed the Yoga Business Mastery course. If you are a yoga teacher then this course is a must. The course was well planned out. Excellent material. Lucas explained everything in detail and we had an hour of his expertise in the Q&A each day.

– Gaynor Morgan


“Highly recommended!”

I would recommend doing the Yoga Business Mastery course for any yoga teacher. It is inspiring and transformational. It will reveal your strengths and your weaknesses, and it will push you in the direction of success. Enjoyed every minute of the course.

– Diane



I did the homework, posted a short video (30 secs) and attracted a client enquiry the same day!

– Belinda


“Ready to start!”

I have gained so much confidence due to training. I have created 4 niches and I’m ready to start next week.

– Tarka


“It exceeded my expectations!”

This is my first YOGABODY course and I already plan on doing more. I took the yoga business mastery course and it exceeded my expectations. Lucas and team are very organized and it is easy to go through the lessons and understand the assignments. It motivated me to be dedicated to the necessary work to build my business.

– Cassandra Lasdin


“Great course if you need insight and help with your yoga business.”

I have just completed the business mastery course with Lucas. As usual, his lectures are well structured and full of real-life examples that make them easy to understand.He gives doable homework every day to help you get started with your business. He also has live q&a sessions.

– Zita



“I am a new yoga teacher and i completed 500 hours of teacher training in December. I had just started teaching when COVID hit but i’m excited about getting my classes online. I have always felt like I wanted to reach people that are not comfortable or able to go to a yoga studio.”

– Yoga teacher (USA)


“It’s worthy!”

I have done more this past week to get my business up and running with no fear!

– Nicki K

How Much Money Can You Earn Teaching?

Use the calculator to get an idea of your earning potential. Many yoga instructors teach as a side gig, but we have 1000s of graduates who replace their fulltime income teaching yoga. With the explosion of online yoga teaching, instructors are earning higher salaries than ever.

“As a graduate, you walk away with the confidence, expertise, and experience needed to get paid like a professional and serve your clients at the highest level. This course is a springboard yoga teaching careers, and that’s why students choose the YOGABODY Teachers College®”

– Lucas Rockwood

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Can You Dream Big?

Imagine… you join this course and clear out your money mindset head trash. You get clear on who you are as a yoga teacher, what you have to offer, and most importantly what ideal clients you can serve.

You create an online profile that represents you like the professional you are, you send out a dozen emails, and wham! You get the first gig of your new teaching life. You launch your case study, you get rave reviews from your initial clients and you use that momentum to double down and go further.

Maybe your short-term goal is to 2x your hourly rate, and here you are, realizing that 3-5x is possible if you stay the course. What’s more, you can live and teach anywhere in the world. You can even teach online, right from home. And the best part is, you get to decide all of it yourself, based on what you truly want.

If you had asked me to dream this big when I was making $30 a class and living on rice and mangos, I would have laughed out loud. But here I am, 18 years later, and I’m still buzzing with opportunities and shocked by how few teachers step up to take on leadership roles.

For 30+ years, the yoga market has been growing as much as 10% per year. Yoga teachers have not kept up to meet the demand, and this is where you come in. With proper positioning, with a clear plan and support, your ideal teaching life is close than you think. Let’s do this…

Frequent Questions

The live course is 12 days, but you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials so you can also go at your own pace. We LOVE the energy and positive support that comes from live courses, so we’ll encourage you to follow the 12-day plan. But if your schedules makes that impossible, no problem.
This course is designed for brand new teacher and experienced teachers alike. The same strategies apply whether you’re in your first or your 10th year of teaching.
This system will work exactly the same for you.
The answer is usually “yes!” meaning most of our trainees do a little of everything. We do have some teachers who only teach in-person or online teach online, but that is up to you to decide. We recommend teachers have a mix of group and private sessions, but again, this is up to you.
If you have iPhone or Android phone made after 2016, it will work just great. It very helpful if you also have access to a laptop or computer. Any model is just fine.
In most cases, you won’t need to invest in anything that you don’t already have. If you’re teaching online, it’s helpful to have a phone tripod (they cost about $15) and maybe a ring light if it’s dark (they cost about $20).
No, websites for teachers are a lot of work and usually not worth the effort. We’ll set you up with a free service that has everything from online payments to Zoom integration and even email list – and it costs nothing and takes 5 minutes to setup.
No need at all. You should have an Instagram and Facebook account, but no need to post regularly, play the influencer game, or anything like that. Influencer marketing is a very limited opportunity and most teachers find it to be a time and energy drain with very little return.
No. We’ll use the internet of course, but this is not a course about PPC, SEO or affiliate marketing. It’s about building your teaching career.
No, it’s not appropriate for this approach.
We have over 500 graduates teaching on camera now. At least 80% of them hated the sound of their own voice and were terrible on camera. It’s just like anything, you get better very quickly. You can do it.
If it doesn’t work, please request refund, you have a full 365 days. This almost never happens, but just in case, not to worry. No hassles, no catch. We’ll stand behind our program.
Sure you have at least 10 mbps download and 3 mbps upload. Check here
It doesn’t matter; you can live anywhere.
Yes, this is a very simple program focused 95% on teaching and 5% on business.
Everyone is techy. You’re probably reading this on a very powerful phone or computer and you probably found this page through social media. You know more than you think, and you can learn all of this very quickly. Nothing we use involves coding or SEO or html. You’ll do just fine.


Sara was a very popular teacher and had always taught in local yoga studios. She looked down on “gym yoga” and assumed the only real yoga happened in real yoga centers. After taking my “Where to teach” module, she realized that this short-sighted view of the teaching world had put her in a box where her income ceiling was capped – and she’d long ago reached the limit. She made it her personal goal to have at least 50% of her teaching happen in non-yoga studio settings. Within 4 months, she’d diversified her teaching to gyms, community centers, and her most successful class to day – her living room! Sara was surprised to learn that she could 3-5x her per class revenue teaching from home.

Normal Price: $595
Save $200
Discount Price: $395


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed