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Back Pain? Fix It with Strength,
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Just 15-Min Per Day - Beginner Friendly!

Movement is medicine. If you have a disc injury, sciatica, spondy, stenosis, osteoarthritis or other spinal injuries, self-care is crucial to your healing journey.

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15-Min Daily Video Program, Five Routines,
eHandbook, Pose Charts & Personal Coaching

Did You Know...

Eighty percent of adults will develop a major back pain problem at some point in their life? And back pain is the number one cause of work-related disability worldwide?

Here’s the good news. Research shows that 80-90 percent of back pain sufferers, even those with very serious injuries, will recover within eight weeks. If you have back pain now, whether new or chronic, it’s important to take control of your healing journey with proactive self-care.

If you’re in pain and feeling frustrated; if you’ve seen doctors, tried gym workouts and alternative therapies without any real results; we’d like to introduce you to the Yoga Trapeze Back Care Program, designed for all levels and all body types. This at-home, self-care program takes just 15 minutes a day to strengthen, lengthen, and balance your spine. Finally, you’ll have a simple, powerful program for healing.

Top Benefits Reported by Students

  • Relieves Compression Pain

    Ever wonder why your back feels best when you lie flat? Your intervertebral discs account for a full 25% of your spinal column length, so when you lie down, those discs expand, rehydrate, and decompress. When you hang upside down on the Yoga Trapeze, the same decompression occurs, only much faster. For many students, just 2-7 minutes upside down relieves compression pain equivalent to hours spent lying flat.

  • Releases Trigger Point Pain

    Do you have knots in your shoulders or spasms in your lower back and glutes? When you have an injury, your nervous system locks the surrounding muscles to protect the injured area.

    If those tight areas remain chronically locked, the muscles themselves can begin to cause pain, including radiating nerve pain. While inverted, your body prioritizes deep, diaphragmatic breath, stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system, and reducing over-active muscles and trigger point areas.

  • Allows You to Sit More Comfortably

    Sitting often increases the pressure on your lower back, and it’s worse when on your phone, since your upper back hunches over. Using asymmetrical, corrective exercises on the Yoga Trapeze, we’ll rebalance your posture so sitting is more comfortable.

  • Allows You to Enjoy an Active Life Again

    Most people with back pain are eager for long walks, to pick up their kids, to ride a bike, and get back to their favorite exercise routines. With your 15-minute daily practice, you’ll have a clear, pragmatic path toward greater levels of activity with each passing week of practice.

  • Stabilizes Your Core

    Forget about sit-ups and plank poses. When you have back pain, traditional core work can make it worse. We’ll stabilize your core slowly and carefully through supported, progressive poses. A stronger core means less pain and more freedom.

  • Increases Mobility

    Stiff as a board? No problem. We’ll work on flexion, extension, side bends, and twists. The Yoga Trapeze is ideal for passive, deep stretches that address stuck areas like your hamstrings, shoulders, and upper back. With greater mobility, there is less pressure on your discs, which often means less pain.

LUCAS ROCKWOOD (pictured) discovered the Yoga Trapeze after a repetitive stress injury in his lower back that landed him in the emergency room. As a yoga teacher, he immediately appreciated the wide variety of supported poses available, including traction, and developed this tool. It has since become the best-selling inversion kit on the market. This grounded backbend is a pose called Titanic, and it’s amazing for releasing upstream tension in your lower back.

Lucas' Story: "I Couldn’t Get Out of Bed!"

Here’s my story... It was six months after I’d opened my first business, and on a random Tuesday morning, I could barely get out of bed. My lower back was on fire.

What happened? I was working too hard, sleeping too little, and the combination of mental and physical stress created a perfect storm for a problem.

I went to the doctor, and he gave me muscle relaxants and pain killers, and he told me I’d be as good as new in five days. He was wrong.

It took me six months, and while it wasn’t a fun experience, I learned a great deal about spinal health during my healing journey, and I was fortunate during this time to discover inversion therapy.

Enter the Yoga Trapeze!

Back pain, like all pain, is complex and multifactorial. It’s often sub-clinical, like mine was, so the path toward healing is dubious at best. There is no cure for back pain, just a path toward healing, and this is what I can share with you.

Since you’re here on this page today, I’m guessing you’re looking for solutions, and my system is extremely safe, practical, and pragmatic. It’s been used by more than 181,000 students around the world and its impact has been overwhelmingly positive.

Rather than focus only on stretches, only on strength, or only on corrective exercises, my approach does all three and adds in traction for instant relief.

This four-legged healing protocol – strength, flexibility, balance, and traction – is so simple and effective, that I can confidently guarantee a 50% (or more) reduction in your pain symptoms in the next four weeks. Some people see much bigger gains, of course, but I know you’ve already been promised the moon, so I’d like to set our intentions at a reasonable and very attainable level – and let’s both be happily surprised by your progress.

15-Min Daily Routine - What to Expect?

If you’ve never seen a Yoga Trapeze before, it can seem a little intimidating—especially if you have back pain. Don’t worry! This device and this entire program are specifically designed for people like you, and we’ve been working with both students and teachers in 41 countries since 2009. I’ll guide you every step of the way through the classes. Your job is to press play, follow along, and see results.

Traction Class (15 min)

Hang from your arms, hang from your hips, decompress your spine and experience relief in minutes. This is by far our most popular class.

Strength Class (15 min)

Your posture and the stability of your spine are largely determined by the strength of your supporting and surrounding muscles—and there are dozens of them. In this class, we’ll push, pull, hold, hinge, and squat to stabilize.

Flexibility Class (15 min)

If you’ve lost range of motion upstream and downstream from your lower back, your lumbar spine turns into a hot spot for movement, and this can lead to injury. In this class, we’ll free up your spine so you can move better, pain-free.

Balance Class (15 min)

Our modern movement patterns lead to imbalance where our dominant side is stronger, and the front of our body is tighter than the back side. In this class we’ll balance out muscle groups and also work on equilibrium in a safe and progressive manner.

Find Your Flow (15 min)

Once you’re comfortable with the first four sequences, this class is designed to help you regain joy for movement and exercise. This flowing, challenging series is both fun and functional, incorporating elements from all previous sessions.

Yoga Trapeze vs. Traditional Options

Physical therapy, gym workouts, and rehab exercises are so good for you – but they can be boring, expensive, and inconvenient. For all these reasons, our students often fail to follow through. In creating the Yoga Trapeze Back Care Program, our goal was to make self-care short, convenient, fun, and simple.

At-Home Learning Program:

  • 5x 15-min daily classes (streaming or downloadable mp4)
  • Personal coaching from Lucas Rockwood
  • Complete pose charts and an eHandbook for reference and learning
  • Masterclasses for in-depth understanding

Yoga Trapeze Inversion Sling:

  • Pro-grade carabiners
  • Washable material
  • Daisy chain straps
  • Mesh carrying / storage bag
  • Quick setup / care instructions
  • 10-year warranty

Since 2009, the Yoga Trapeze has been the #1 inversion sling worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of happy customers and reviews. Yoga Trapeze classes are taught professionally in over 2,000 yoga studios and fitness centers around the world.

Yoga Trapeze - Back Care Program™

Setup in Minutes
Beginner-Friendly / All Ages Certified for Safety / 365-Day Unconditional Guarantee


  • Yoga Trapeze Pro (choose purple or aqua color)
  • 5-Day Video Program (15 min daily healing protocol)

FREE! Bonuses ($109 value)

  • Yoga Trapeze eHandbook (pdf)
  • Back Care Masterclass (mp4)
  • Foods That Heal Masterclass (mp4)
  • Pose Charts x5 (pdf)
  • 30 Days of Coaching (direct message)


  • Relieve Back Pain
  • Build strength, balance & flexibility
  • Instant traction, anytime
  • Take full control of your spinal health
  • Amazing bonus resources

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365-Day Unconditional Guarantee

365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you decide for any reason (or no reason at all) that the Yoga Trapeze Back Care Program is not for you, simply return it at any time within the first year for a full and prompt refund—and keep the bonuses as our thank you gifts to you. And don’t forget, you also get a 10-year, unconditional warranty on all parts.

FREE! Bonus Materials

Yoga Trapeze eHandbook

$24.95 Free!

This is the definitive guide to the Yoga Trapeze at-home practice. Over 43,000 copies sold worldwide. Includes setup, safety, pose-by-pose index, full color photos with modifications, care instructions, and more. Used by both students and teachers.

Format: PDF download

Back Care Basics Masterclass

$49.95 Free!

In this Masterclass, I’ll guide you through my 20 years of personal and professional experience and help you determine the best course of action for you, based on your unique situation. This is not medical advice, it’s a how-to course for self-education and empowerment since only you can successfully navigate your own healing journey.

  • Bulging and herniated discs
  • Stenosis and arthritis
  • Spondylosis and spondylolisthesis
  • Sciatica and more

Format: mp4 streaming/download

Foods That Heal Masterclass

$49.95 Free!

There is no need to completely change your diet, but there are some small shifts, medicinal oils and plants, and slight tweaks that can make a huge difference to your inflammation and pain. There is strong evidence to suggest proper nutrition can hasten healing.

  • How to use Omega-3 fats to reduce dependence on NSAIDs
  • Amino acids and micronutrients that serve as scar tissue building blocks
  • Supplements vs whole foods, which is better?
  • Common foods like canola oil and packaged snacks that can increase inflammation

Format: mp4 streaming/download

Pose Charts for Practice x5 (pdf)

$29.95 Free!

These photo tutorials can be a helpful way to quickly reference your daily, 15-min routines. Video learning is amazing, but there are times when you cannot or do not want to use a screen and these pose charts make it easy.

Format: 5x PDF downloads

30-Days of Direct Message Coaching

$69.95 Free!

You’ll get direct access to me, Lucas, via my personal Instagram account. You can ask questions, send me pics of your progress and receive feedback. Response time average 48 hours, 100% answered by me personally.

Format: Instagram direct message

Client Reviews

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, most of our students are new to yoga and many are recovering from back pain and other injuries. The Yoga Trapeze is accessible to all levels, simply watch the tutorial videos (included) and refer to the pose chart and quick start guide (also included). You'll be upside down in no time.
Included with every order is instant access to our online learning center with step-by-step tutorial videos, a quick start guide, and pose charts. You'll be practicing in minutes.
Hang from an exposed beam in your house, garage or porch. You can also hang it from the top bar of a swing set or a tree branch in the park. Additional mounting options include YOGABODY Ceiling Hooks or the Yoga Trapeze Stand (sold separately). View the setup instructions here.
We suggest a minimum ceiling height of 240 cm (8 feet), but 3 meters+ (9 feet) is ideal. The main sling of the Yoga Trapeze should hang at waist height so that you can get in and out without difficulty.
From the carabiner to the base of the Yoga Trapeze is approximately 50 inches (125 cm). The longest handle is approximately 53 inches (134 cm).
Inversion yoga should not be practice during pregnancy. If you have high blood pressure, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, or a serious injury, check with your doctor before practice.
Yes, we have student of all ages, including in their 60s and 70s. If you have any medical conditions, talk to your doctor before practice.
The maximum weight on the Yoga Trapeze is 350 pounds (158 kg) and it's weight tested for up to 600 pounds (272 kg). Do not use the Yoga Trapeze with two people. The strength of your ceiling / mount is typically the limiting factor.
No, aerial silks are more dance-based, performing arts. The Yoga Trapeze is a functional fitness tool and much more accessible for all levels, including beginners.
It's easy. Remove both carabiners and machine wash on cold with white vinegar. Air dry (no heat) afterwards.
It’s not necessary, but it’s nice to have a mat beneath your feet/arms for poses that utilize the ground.
We have warehouse shipping from multiple US locations.
Contact Lucas directly via social media (you'll be given access for 30 days), or contact the support team anytime via support@yogabody.com

This Week’s Discounted Price (Save $50)


15-Min Per Day, Five Unique Routines,
eHandbook, Pose Charts & Personal Coaching