EPISODE 453: Surviving the Mental Health Pandemic

Suicide ideation is rampant among youth, divorce rates are skyrocketing, and the state of mental health, on a global scale, has never been worse. There have always been times of uncertainty and loss, but what makes our current challenge different is the compounding effects of loneliness. Without our tribe, we are weak.

On this week’s show, you’ll meet a prominent psychologist who shares his best ideas for navigating these challenging times.

Listen & Learn:

  • Why loneliness is huge global health crisis
  • How to approach mental health as a newbie
  • How social media plus social isolation are a recipe for disaster

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Dr. Guy Winch is a psychologist, author, podcaster and speaker. He is the author of Emotional First Aid, Fix a Broken Heart, The Squeaky Wheel.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • White vs Wheat Bread

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