EPISODE 440: Overcome Fear

Extreme skiing is defined by an ever-present risk of death. It’s a sport that demands a deep relationship and acceptance of fear. An avalanche can bury you, a deadly fall down a sheer rock wall is just one wrong turn away, and there are times when the only chance of survival is from an emergency airlift to safety.

Why would you do this?

The answer is, “I wouldn’t do it!” But my guest on this week’s podcast used her extensive experience in the world of extreme sports to learn to harness fear and develop a system for teaching this to others. Whether you’re scared of public speaking or simply too nervous to ask that guy or girl for their number, Kristen Ulmer’s approach to fear is unique and effective.

Listen in to learn:

  • Step 1: acknowledge fear as normal and natural
  • Step 2: touch your body where you feel the fear bubbling up
  • Step 3: let go for resistance to fear
  • Suffering = discomfort x resistance

    How to achieve a flow state

    Understanding the lure of extreme sports

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Kristen Ulmer is a fear and anxiety expert who draws from her experience with extreme skiing, studies of Zen, professional facilitation with 1000s of clients. She is the author of, The Art of Fear; Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead. Kristen’s work has also been featured in such media as NPR, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, The Megyn Kelly Show, The Robb Report, and Tim Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Cannot Digest Nuts

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