Lucas Rockwood is Apolitical

My podcast has always been a space for personal growth for both myself and my audience.

I learn as much from my listeners’ questions, pushback, and critiques as I’ve learned from all my guests combined. I receive 1000s of emails each year from listeners who thank and applaud me; and I receive many more from those who respectfully disagree, correct me, deepen my understanding, or question the expertise of my guests.

For those of you who listen and write in respectfully, truly, I thank you.

For those of you who troll me, I’d like to suggest you stop. Starting in early 2020, about 15% of listener feedback abruptly changed – and I don’t think it’s a good change.

Approximately 1 in 5 emails and social media messages today are what I would consider trolling.

I define “trolling” as deliberately provocative messages with a political or personal agenda. The agenda is often to shame, blame and pick a fight; not to share, persuade or understand.

Ironically, most people attempting to troll me have really great insights I often agree with, but that doesn’t matter. A troll just wants to fight from behind the privacy of their email or social media accounts. I know this because when I respectfully respond to my trolls, or even invite them onto the show to share their points of view or to educate me, they disappear back into the secrecy of the web.

What does all of this have to do with you? Probably nothing. Most of you clicked on this page out of curiosity.

But if you’re a listener of my show, and you also engage in online trolling, I’m sorry to inform you I may be the least polarizing person you’ve ever met.

I don’t find identity politics or heated political conversations to be informed or interesting in any way. I enjoy complexity, diversity, and deep work.

If you’re confused about my personal politics, so am I. If you’re concerned that I don’t agree with your political party or views on major issues, you’re probably right.

I grew up in an ulta-conservative family, spent my teens in an ultra-liberal education system, and I now find myself undecided, confused, and even flip-flopping on issues that most people see as binary. The guests on my show are sometimes conservative or liberal, agnostic or religious. I don’t take their political or religious beliefs into consideration when scheduling, I simply want to have interesting and diverse conversations.

Sometimes, I find my guests offensive. Sometimes, I’m sure I’m offensive too.

If ideas shared in a respectful forum feel threatening or dangerous to you, my show is probably not a safe space. If you’re looking for online content that reinforces your current beliefs, this is probably not the right show for you.

I make mistakes all the time, but I’m doing my best to have nuanced conversations accepting people’s unique viewpoints and experiences, and hopefully learning along the way.

Thanks for listening. I’m always interested in deep conversations, and I hope the show continues to move us all toward a richer understanding of the world.