Yoga Teachers College *Online*
Limited Time – Yoga Alliance Approved Curriculum
25 April – 17 June 2022

For the first time ever, all three Yoga Alliance organizations have approved 100% online study for the 200hr certification. This is the standard mat-based yoga teacher certification internationally used by 95% of teachers.

Our usual course involves 3 weeks in-person in Barcelona along with our extensive home-study program. This special course is 100% online, part time, and takes place over 8 consecutive weeks. All the same requirements, all the same curriculum, all the same standards – just virtual.

In case you didn’t know, we’ve been training teachers online since 2010, so this is something we’re extremely skilled at. Are there disadvantages to studying at a distance? Yes of course. But there are also advantages including time to review, practice, and review again. The schedule is much more flexible, and your access to the trainers is even better.


Teaching Diploma | 200hr Yoga Alliance

+ Applied Yoga Studies | 30hr YACEP Certificate

REQUIREMENTS: complete eLearning, complete 100 classes in your Practice Journal, complete and pass the three-week Immersion in Barcelona 8-week online immersion.

CREDENTIALS: American Council on Education (endorsed for university-level credits), Yoga Alliance (200hrs), Yoga Alliance Professionals (200hrs), Yoga Alliance International (250hrs), American Council on Exercise

Course Curriculum

8-Week Online Immersion (20 September – 12 November 2021)
This is the 100% online, part time version of our in-person course. We have live sessions for 2 hours daily, plus you’ll meet with your training partner at a self-organized time earlier in the day to practice.

100 Classes in Your Practice Journal
One of the reasons our graduates standout is we require extensive self-practice. You can take classes at local studios or fitness centers, and you can now take at-home video classes as well from any approved platform.

eLearning – 24 Modules
Our extensive on-demand education center will teach you everything from anatomy and history to yoga breathing and business.

Technical Considerations

We use very simple, common software that can run on any phone, tablet or computer. You must have access to devices and a good internet connection for our video calls, but there is nothing techy about our approach.

Devices Required

  • iOS or Android Phone
  • Computer or laptop
  • Phone tripod ($15 on Amazon)
  • Headphones / headset (any will work)

Software We Use

  • eLearning Center (simple login/pass access)
  • Zoom (video calls)

Mon-Friday Schedule (subject to change)

  • 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Yoga Class
  • 7:00 pm – 7:15 pm Break
  • 7:15 pm – 7:45 pm Workshop
  • 7:45 pm – 8:00 Q&A
  • +30 min daily (self scheduled) partner practice
  • CEST Barcelona Timezone (check your timezone)

      *weekends are off

Frequently Asked Questions
Normally yes, but for this period, no! This is the first time Yoga Alliance has approved at-home study, and it won’t last long.
No. You can join us if you wish for an in-person course in the future, but it’s 100% optional
Yes, we’re actually experts in it serving thousands of students each year. Our yoga studios are currently closed, and we’re streaming live to our members multiple times daily. This is not new to us, we have over 10 years experience.
All times are published based on CEST, Barcelona Time. If you can join us, great! If you cannot, it’s ok too – we’ll get you the recording the same day. You will have a practice partner with whom you will self schedule a 30-min meetup daily.
No. Unlike other yoga schools that simply sell certifications, our certificates are earned. This is good for you as it means: (1) you’ll graduate job-ready and qualified, and (2) your certificate will help you land jobs as studios know of our standards. Don’t worry, we’ll support you through every step of the journey.
Please have a stable internet connection, a smart phone (iOS or Android) and a computer or laptop. We use free, simple software you’re familiar with like Facebook and Zoom.
Yes. We use short quizzes throughout the course to reinforce learning, and we have final exams to demonstrate knowledge and understanding. We’ll guide you every step of the way.
Yes. Your qualifications will meet or exceed 95% of the teachers in the world.
No problem, you have up to one full year.
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