EPISODE 431: How to Succeed with Yoga & Fitness At Home

COVID-19 has forced and inspired hundreds of millions of people to start at-home yoga practices and exercise routines – this is amazing! But how do you make it last? How do you stay motivated? And perhaps most importantly, how do you avoid the temptation to bail out of your workout halfway through and scroll through your social media newsfeed instead?

This week’s podcast is a solo show where I’ll share five tips for success with an at-home yoga or fitness regime based on my 17 years experience.

My Top Five Tips:

  • Get some nice clothes
  • Get a nice mat or some nice equipment
  • Pair your practice with learning or entertainment
  • Trust someone else, not your own system
  • Try not to be alone


Lucas Rockwood is yoga teacher, speaker, trainer and serial entrepreneur. He’s the founder of YOGABODY and the Yoga Teachers College.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Plant vs Animal Nutrition

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