EPISODE 369: How to Lead a Simple Life Now

The pursuit of health, wealth, and relationships drive 99% of our action, but just how important are each of these to you personally? How much time are you willing to invest and what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals in these three areas? My guest on this week’s show has flipped the script in many ways and is doing more with less, simplifying his life, living off the grid at times, and cherry-picking his life experiences.

A truly simple life is not for everyone (mine is oozing with complexity), but we can all benefit from simplifying some major areas of our life immediately.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How little money you probably need to be free
  • Responsible use of social media and the internet
  • How meaning and purpose are more important than money and possessions


Gary Collins worked as a Special Agent for the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He has degrees in Exercise Science, Criminal Justice, and Forensic Science. Gary lives off the grid part of the year in a remote part of Washington State, and the other part of the year exploring in his travel trailer with his dog.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Eat Essential Oils

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