Annie Anderson – Houston, Texas
Graduate Interview


I teach yoga full-time and I want to continue teaching for as long as I can. I have my own studio, which is a mix between a CrossFit Hot Box and a warehouse. I can fit about eight people in one class—if everyone is motivated and really likes each other—but I tend to cap classes at five. Because of this small class size, everybody naturally becomes best friends and we’re building quite a wonderful Yoga Trapeze community here in Houston.

My yoga classes focus on fitness. I don’t use Sanskrit words. I don’t chant. When people float into the studio and start using yoga jargon, I stop them right there. I let them know that here we workout, we sweat, and we have fun. Yin yoga? What’s that? I’m all Yang. I want my students to share in the experience of my classes and above all, enjoy themselves!

I do a lot of networking, and posting photos of the Yoga Trapeze on social media usually piques people’s interest, but the best way to get really great clients is through loyal students. To those who are haunted by some nagging insecurity and question whether or not they’re capable of using the Yoga Trapeze, I say, “You’re not the biggest person to use the trapeze. You’re not the oldest or weakest or stiffest or shiest.” Especially in groups of all women, I make a point to say that no man has ever asked if he’s too big for the Yoga Trapeze.

My students experience a whole range of benefits from the Yoga Trapeze. I’ve had female students, who stopped exercising after their kids were born, who felt tired, old, and achy in their 30s, come to class and say they feel young again. I’ve had students who suffered from back pain or tension headaches for years, and now they feel great. Personally, since I began practicing the Yoga Trapeze, I am stronger and more confident. Spreading the word about it, seeing people try it and how it changes their lives, and having them go on to tell even more people about it, it’s an amazing snowball effect.

My best piece of advice is: Don’t wait until you’re ready. Take that first step toward your ultimate goal and the path will appear.

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