This Week in Yogaland Issue 10

Stuff Yoga People Want to Know – November 25th Edition

This Week in Yogaland Issue 9

Stuff Yoga People Want to Know – November 12th Edition

Ankle to Knee Hip Opening Stretch

When you're locked up in your hips, sitting and squatting are uncomfortable and the tightness

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Yoga Trapeze® Hip Opener

In this short video Dice Iida-Klein shows you how you can use...

Yoga Trapeze® Upside Down

Inversion therapy is so incredibly effective, you only need as little...

Yoga Trapeze® Yogi Hangout

In yoga we don't often incorporate a lot of hanging exercises.

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Nutritional Tips

Why Olive Oil May Not Be the Best Cooking Oil

Despite popular belief that olive oil is great for cooking, it actually has a very low flash point and must be handled with care. Is it healthy, then?

Why You Should Stay Away From Oats

The glycemic index of oats, this common breakfast food (just like many other morning favorites), is off the charts. Read why you should avoid oats.

Fruit Juice: Friend or Foe?

We want to minimize fructose in our diet. When you’re eating whole fruit people tend to not to overeat fructose. But fruit juice is another story.

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Yoga Talk Show

Exaholic – Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love

EPISODE 368: Exaholic – Breaking Your Addiction to an Ex Love

How many of your exes are you connected to on Facebook? How often do you find yourself dredging up past emotional head trash from lost love? For most people, the answer is “too often.” We live in an era where forgetting and moving on has never been more challenging, and most of us need to learn strategies to put the past in its place to make room for a fulfilling future. And some of us are even “exaholics,” literally addicted to the emotional rollercoaster of times long ago. On this week’s show, therapist and marriage counselor, Dr. Bobby, will share her strategies for navigating this emotional minefield.

A Home that Loves You

EPISODE 367: A Home that Loves You

Your home and workspace affect your mood, your sleep, your productivity, and your feeling of belonging, but how much time have you spent to make them truly serve you? For most of us, we’re stuck working in a random office environment, and we might not even be able to control our living space as much as we’d like. The feeling you get is subjective, of course, but there is an emerging science that teaches us fascinating universal truths about what makes a great space. On this week’s show, you’ll meet an environmental psychologist who has made this her life’s work.

How God (and Big Ideas) Change Your Brain

EPISODE 366: How God (and Big Ideas) Change Your Brain

Whether you’re a devout believer or a staunch atheist, the research is clear: prayer works. Here’s what also works: introspective time, mindfulness, positive focus, and big ideas. Science has proven that your brain physically changes through the regular practice of prayer, meditation, and mindfulness, and the changes can happen in as little as six to eight weeks. Our guest on this week’s show has dedicated his life to the study of positive neural changes through prayer and spiritual practices, and his discoveries will surprise you.

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