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Harman asks:

I want to know, if instead of doing 5 days, if I could do all poses in one day, probably take me an hour or so, but I hope I can do all exercises in one day instead of 5 days, does this reduce benefit? Also have you heard of tony Horton’s p90x yoga, it’s about 1.5 hour long, I would like to know your thoughts on this.

I always tell people that the constancy is much more important than having one big kind of weekend warrior day. If you do the full gravity yoga series, it usually takes about 75 minutes, we do teach it as a full class. If you can, it is always better to do less practice more often.

I do know the p90x, I have done the yoga version and the yoga session as well. I think it’s pretty good. Its different than what I am teaching, different that what you find at yoga classes. It is really about strength and balance, not about gaining your flexibility.

Lena asks:

My question is how come I can’t do The Lightning Bolt directly without knee pain. I need to do all the sequence of bikram pose then I am able to do the lightning bolt with no pain.

I still practice gravity stretch but certain pose like Blaster and Butterfly also give me knee pain. Wide Dog also gives me shoulder pain. I could not hold those poses longer than 30 seconds.

Please advise me how should I improve further.

If you feel any pain your knees going to back up right away, you never want to fry your joints, you never want to push your joints, it’s a clear sign you are going too strong and too fast. Just put something underneath your bump and take it slow which can be a little challenging for a lot of people who want to go quick, quick, quick.

You definitely want to avoid the pain in your joints at all costs, you have to find out what is going on. Could be a lot of different things. If you get knee pain and shoulder pain, it sounds there is an underlying issue. It sounds weird that you would have a knee pain in that many poses without having an injury. So I would take a closer look at that.

Leon asks:

I have been taking YOGABODY Stretch and doing yoga for about 3 months now. I find that my arms and shoulders are very sore after yoga, especially after doing Pins and needles and Shoulder pow. I just wanted to know if it was worth taking extra MSM supplements as well as the Yogabody supplement for the soreness? Also is it worth taking extra Vitamin C that is already in the supplement? I have also changed my diet to organic and been drinking green drinks and smoothies. What extra supplements if any do you recommend?

No, don’t take any more MSM, you don’t need it. YOGABODY Stretch gives you enough. Don’t even take any more Vitamin C, you are good to go. What you might want to add are some anti inflammatory foods, things like ginger and things like Omega3 oils. I prefer Chia seeds. But if you get sore it’s a sign you are doing something right. I wouldn’t worry about it, keep doing what you are doing. Just avoid joint pain of course.

Rachel asks:


I did 3 set of salute A for warm up before any stretching, but when I open my leg to the side my hip will start to cramp after holding for about a minute. Why?

Whenever you hold poses for a long time these are normal reactions. Your body has to get comfortable with the fact that you are doing positions that leave you vulnerable basically. After while your nerve system will get used to this activity and it will stop trembling.

My left hip will lift up when I open my right leg to right side, is it ok? Or I should keep my hip on the floor? Which part should I concentrate, hip or leg?

When you do these passive stretches, don’t worry so much about where your hips are, your hip will generally roll up of the ground. The key things here is to relax.

The Blaster

When I push down my leg on the floor, my knee is very painful. Can I cushion my knee with a pillow or towel? or I should just stop? If I stop, what can I do next?

Some people feel pain in the back knee, don’t worry about it, just put a towel over there. Your knee will just stop hurting.

The Noodle

According to the handbook, we can do this pose anytime, but is it okay to do it if having menses?

Yoga trapeze

Again, is it okay to hang upside down when we are having menses?

If you feel good, I say go for it. If you don’t feel good, I say skip it. You are better off listen to a woman yoga teacher than guy like me and you will come to your own conclusions.

Steven asks:

I am not able to get into The Noodle pose, when I drop down my natural tendencies from my core muscles to engage keeps me from going backward.

It’s the nervous system reaction that you will have that you body does not feel comfortable but that goes away really quickly. There’s no easy answer to it, you just have to keep practicing and get your way through it. The key thing is to keep it slow, maybe to have a partner there to support you. your nervous system can learn much much faster than your connective tissues. Protein for Strength in Yoga