EPISODE 70: Strong Headaches, Cellulite & Acne

Water is the most important thing. And I know if you have headaches, you’re probably thinking, ‘Listen, I know the water thing. I’ve done the water thing.’ But there are two sides to the water coin. First of all, you need to drink plenty of water. But the second part of it is you need to eat water. So we don’t just drink our water. We need to eat our water through water-dense foods. That would be our vegetables and our fruits and even fresh animal products, if you’re eating those. Those are very, very water-dense foods, and that water, in many cases, is loaded with micronutrients and minerals that make it more bioavailable and more easy to absorb in your body. About 80 percent of people are dehydrated and constipated, so it’s a huge, huge problem.

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  • Recommendations to relieve strong headaches
  • Techniques for faster splits
  • Eating cheese? The best choice…

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