Numb Hands, Stretch Supplement & Flexibility Exercises

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Mark asks:

I have been doing Asthanga yoga for four years and I am a ya200 teacher. Lately I have been waking up during the night with numb hands which seem to go numb when I roll over to one side or the other, I’m sure this is to do with the brachial plexus nerve system.

Any suggestions, modifications or exercises?

I used to have this problem a lot, really low blood pressure and not amazing circulation, I don’t know if this is going on with you but I would definitely get a check out, might be a sign that nothing is going on. Sometimes it can happen when you change your diet, like if you are starting different mineral, different foods, you can actually have an impact on both your blood pressure and on your blood sugar levels and things like this and it may have something to do with this. So just take a look on what has changed, might be something to be concern about, might be not, definitely I’m not a doctor so do get a check out, there’s a good chance that it is not that serious.

Terry asks:

My husband is the typical construction worker- works physically hard every day, has no energy for exercising after the demands of the work day, poor diet, uses beer and prescribed medication for pain management, has overdeveloped muscles with no flexibility, and of course, the macho mentality to complete the package… (he has severe elbow pain from years of being the arm-wrestling champ).

Where could I start with this guy to get him pointed in the right direction? What do you suggest?

This is a tough situation. When somebody has any kind of job where they are using their hands, they have overdevelop strength in sort areas and those unbalances in muscles can lead to injuries. What can you do… well, if someone is not interested in flexibility there is nothing you can do but if you get your husband interested the key thing is to start doing it 15 minutes per day before bed. Everyone is always skeptical at the beginning because it doesn’t seem making a big difference, can’t tell you how wrong that is. In this case I would pick up areas of his body that he’s struggling with, I guess those will be shoulders and he will be able to see results very quickly there.

Victoria asks:

I am interested in your products but I am not interested in doing yoga classes. I am however, willing to do yoga poses to become flexible as I am extremely stiff right now. I am a 23 year old female that cannot even touch her toes which is embarrassing. Any extra information would be great.

You do not have to go to yoga classes to get flexible and in fact if your main goal is flexibility I always recommend people to do that training at home. I definitely recommend doing long hold gravity poses like we teach, they are usually 2 – 5 min hold, you can make really fast progress that way.

Rachel asks:

Should I take the YOGABODY Stretch supplement everyday or only before practice? If I had taken food, how many hours should I wait before taking the YOGABODY Stretch again? If I had became very flexible, when can I stop taking it? Will I become stiff again if I stop taking it?

Lot of people get really specific about when, how and what time to take supplements. The supplements that we sell are primarily whole foods supplements so it’s not so important how and when you take them, full stomach, empty stomach, just don’t take them in the evenings, sometimes it can disturb sleep. I wouldn’t care about it, I usually recommend taking 2 caps at 10 AM and 2 caps in the afternoon, around 2-3 PM. If you have a sensitive stomach take it with food.

Nathan asks:

I know that you recommend stretching 5 days a week, and you allow bending the knees. I am not satisfied with my progress, so I would like to do two days’ worth of gravity stretching sessions per day, EVERY day, and use knee immobilizers to ensure my knees are extended.

Does this sound reasonable, or is it a recipe for injury?

When you are doing flexibility exercises you do not want to lock your knees, bad idea, really bad idea, don’t do it. In fact you want to give your knees nice deep bent so that they stay safe. Don’t do it, don’t worry about it, bend your knees a little bit.

For sure you can combine stretches, so 15 minutes is the minimum, we have students who do the full series which is about 75 minutes every day. It is up to you. Consistency is more important than being a weekend warrior – people want to do everything on Saturday’ s afternoon, this is not helpful. Just save 15 minutes a days and go from there.