Trapeze, Body Builders & The Splits

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Prabha asks:

I have been diagnosed of Adult Still’s Disease and Diabetes (ASD) for 4 years. I have been taking Prednisolone, Methotraxate for ASD, Metformin and Glimperamide for Diabetes. Could you please let me know if YOGABODY helps my flexibility?

I get lots of questions like this. With anything that is related to a disease, definitely I’m not a doctor so for sure check with your doctor. For what I do know about those conditions if you have inflamed joints, stretching and flexibility and supplements like YOGABODY stretch can be helpful but its something you want to work with a medical professional or a doctor and I even recommend working with a local yoga teacher just to get some specific help.

Tom asks:

I first got the YOGABODY splits info nearly two years ago. I have been diligently doing them a little each day. I still cannot do them. Any suggestions?

There are two different types of splits, there are frontal splits which is a fairly easy
pose to learn and there are side splits. The frontal splits you can learn very quickly, 6 weeks for a lot of people, sometimes can be longer if you are more stiff. The side splits are different because you actually have to practice the side splits to be better at it – try to work up to 5 minutes holds. The key thing is you need to beat your hold time – use a watch, use a timer and you measure your times and increase them a little bit. Give it a month, you will definitely see the progress there.

Bill asks:

When my wife hangs upside down in the trapeze, she immediately gets an intense pressure in her head. Is this normal? Any suggestions?
When I hang upside down, I feel like the seat is digging into my back to the point where it is a distraction and I can’t relax. I am 6′ 5″ tall and weigh 250 pounds. Does my size having anything to do with how I fit in the trapeze? Any suggestions?

Your body has this mechanism where protects the blood pressure in your head and the only reason when it would be dangerous if you have A) high blood pressure in this case inversions are not recommended or B) your taking some kind of muscles relaxance in this case sort of natural biological thing we have would be turned off. You will feel more pressure in your head, its natural. It will happen less and less the more you practice. The things I would suggest is going slowly, lower yourself slowly, take it easy and you will find you will become comfortable there very quickly.

This is very common question because what happens you jump into the trapeze and you are sitting in the sling and it’s too wide, naturally you have to shimmy the sling down so it’s just covering your bump so that the edge of it is right where your belt line and the front edge of it is right where your thighs kind of reach your bump. If you don’t do it sometimes you could feel pain in the lower back.

Carolyn asks:

When ordering the trapeze I didn’t even think about the fact I have a severely torn rotator cuff (left) and cannot use that arm much. Are there still things I can do?

Rotator cuffs, knee and back problems with this stuff you really have to be very careful. You can do whole bunch of things on trapeze without using the rotator cuff, I recommend when you are starting its just to do the inversions that don’t involve your arms, when you get in and out the trapeze use a chair or you can even lower your trapeze. You also have to work with your doctor to help you through the heal process.

Christofer asks:

I’ve always been a strong believer of the whole “large amount of protein every third hour” and massive caloric intake for me to gain any weight.

Most recently (I’m 21 years old) I’ve become interested in vibrant health and been thinking about switching to a plant-based diet.
Can I build muscle on such a diet, and if so, how much will I need to eat (and of what primarily)?

Will my body recover from all the overconsumption of protein and empty calories I’ve been prone to the last years if I do decide to switch diet?

If your goal is to be a body builder, to build a mass you have to eat meal and the reason is that nobody knows about gaining weigh like body builders and they eat tons and tons of meat. There are vegan body builders, most of them really struggle, the biggest of these guys are the smallest of the body builders. If you just want to get strong, to have a functional strength like you get from something like a gymnast, an acrobat or a yoga student you can absolutely get enough proteins from a plant base diet.

Joan asks:

I put up the Yoga Trapeze® and can invert, but when I try to wrap my legs on the outside, they won’t go. Am I putting the seat too far down on my buttocks? Hangers too far apart? (They are in the doorway about a shoulder width apart).

Yoga trapeze is real simple thing to use, first of all go to my youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/lrockwood) we have bunch of trapeze videos there, we also have more videos coming out. Inverting on yoga trapeze is very easy, just take it slow, just the sling like we talked about, just covering your bump (Bill’s question) and then just grab the long handles and start to lower yourself back and back and back and then wrap your legs around, hook your feet and you are just hanging there. For the first time you might have a lack of confidence when you don’t have any friend around but make sure you have someone there to support you, to help you.