Recipes, Alkaline Blood & Lopsided Body

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Emily asks:

I’m having a difficult time coming up with raw meals… do you have any kind of recipes I could look at? I’m 20, addicted to coffee, and have smoked for 6 years. My body doesn’t move, my joints click, my muscles are all off balanced.

Moving to raw food makes almost everybody feel better, the only exception would be if someone has a serious digestive issues. But almost everybody feels better eating more plant based foods so it sounds you are doing a right thing. The raw food meals take usually more time to prepare them so what I encourage you to do is to make sure that you are eating raw food in every single meal, try to eat at least 70-80 % of that meal a raw food. Just start to increase the amount of the raw foods you are eating. The simplest way to do it is start eating salads and really great fresh fruits. The trick in eating more salads is to figure out how to make good sauces and salad dressings. I always recommend 500 grams per day of dark green vegetables, things like spinach, all those bitter greens. It is something what all of us need more of. In terms of recipes there is a website called Vegweb.com, I like it a lot, lots of great recipes, free recipes and also feedback so you can actually see which taste good and which don’t. In terms of other stuff, being more flexible etc. I think it will come with time.

Jo asks:

I find that The Blaster pose makes me feel quite nauseous! As a masseuse I know that releasing tension in the psoas muscle can cause this. But I just wondered – is this common?

This is common, it can happen from the psoa muscle and The Blaster does access the psoa muscle on the back leg. If it is too much to handle definitely back off and shorten your hold times. If you feel nauseous for few seconds I just work with it because the chances are it will pass soon.

Wendy asks:

What would you suggest to make your blood Alkaline? I don’t eat processed or junk foods.

That’s a great question. People always talk about eating more alkaline foods and the advice is really good but the confusion comes when people talk about blood alkalinity, your blood is alkaline already, don’t worry. If it was not alkaline you would be very dead or very near dead or very very sick. Your blood will never go acid unless you are in a very bad place. In terms of eating the balance of alkaline and acidic foods that’s really important but its only important when you eat a lot of processed foods and nobody even talks about it but as you can be too acidic you can also be too alkaline. It happens in a raw food world a lot where all people eat all alkaline foods and they don’t have any those strong acidic proteins and you get different effects but similar negative reactions like nauseous, people get weak, little bit foggy brain and can be just as bad for your health as being too acidic so as long as you are eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables chances you are finding the natural balance anyway.

Steve asks:

Doing reverse prayer type poses, or shoulder Pow is really easy for my left side but much tighter on the right side. I stretch the right side much more in an effort to gain more flexibility there, but soon after stretching it’s tight again.
I wonder is more stretching required? Would you recommend a specific stretch for this situation?

Really great, really common question. Almost everybody has the same problem, everybody feels it just like you, feel the shoulder differences very very clearly. Your right hip is probably stiffer than your left hip because you have right body dominance. This happens in every single pose, these imbalances happen naturally because we perform one side of the body when we are doing things like riding, driving, typing etc. The key is how to stretch the other side, first of all, you will never get balanced, that right side will always be a bit tighter, not anything you can do to have it perfectly balanced but we always want to move toward balance – for me that’s what’s all yoga practicing about. So here it what I do- you never want to stretch just one side of your body so what I always recommend is to add 50% more to the tight side. I find this very helpful so give this a try.

Chantelle asks:

I have very tight hips, I can almost get into front splits with no warm up but if I attempt to do side splits this is with much difficulty and extreme pain, The Butterfly or The Frog pose are so hard. So is the way I could get into the side splits or loosen up so I could sit and bend like normal without putting pressure on my knees? As I find these hurt the most when trying to stretch.

There are certain poses which are really challenging, for example the side splits is a really big pose, its intense pose and because you are exposing one of your most important regions of your body, your body is really resistant, you have to open up that part of your body easily. Even if you have the flexibility, even if you can do the pose every day. The same goes for the front splits but for whatever reason is something what you can learn much more quickly. The biggest thing I can recommend in flexibility – focus on the nervous system side of things – meaning your nervous system is not ok with you opening so that can keep you blocked. In yoga we train our nervous system to be ok with these poses. That’s why we always use the breathing during the yoga practices especially in the gravity poses because it really helps your nerve system to release.

Brian asks:

I don’t really have any problems with mobility or pain. My problem is stiffness in my quadriceps (or front of thigh) – I can’t get into position to do The Lightning Bolt pose. I can’t even do The Hero’s pose (just kneeling) because of this tightness. I began trying Bound Angle Pose and last night looked up quadriceps stretches on YouTube but didn’t have much luck with that.
Can you recommend anything?

This is very common problem, tight quads are very common especially for someone who does other activities, and running is the big one. In terms of what to do, you just really need to keep doing those poses more, if you know what’s your tough and difficult area, spend more time there every day. You want to work up to 5 minutes holds in The Lightning Bolt or The Hero pose or if you can’t sit down on your heels or floor like you are mentioning, use a pillow, use something underneath you. You have to hold these poses for a very long time but always be careful of your knees. If you keep doing it for 5 minutes every day, you will see a huge difference. Yoga For Neck & Back Care

Brendan asks:

I take YOGABODY Stretch and I’m looking for a good multi vitamin to supplement that. Any suggestions?

I’m actually not a fan of multivitamins, I do take them once in a while but very rarely but I don’t like them and here is why – first of all it is very hard to get enough of anything into one pill. There are good ones but you have to take like 6 or 7 horse pills a day to even get started. The second reason is actually more important because certain vitamins will make you sick or bad. I’m more of a fan of taking a look at your diet, what areas you might be lacking in and perhaps even getting some testing done. Blood test, hair analysis tests are pretty interesting.