EPISODE 305: Balance Your Hormones

When we think about toxins in our food and environment, most people assume the risk is “cancer,” and that’s true; but the more immediate risk is often hormonal imbalance. Common additives in foods and skin care products can disrupt your natural endocrine balance and lead to everything from thyroid problems and infertility to weight gain and depression. This is a huge and growing problem, and the solution includes diet and lifestyle choices that aren’t always obvious.

Health coach, Magdalena Wszelaki shares her personal story of overcoming both Graves and Hashimoto’s Diseases as well as her professional advice for finding balance.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why thyroid issues are often a symptom of autoimmune conditions
  • What blood tests to check your thyroid (TSH, Free T3 & T4, TPO & Anti-Tg)
  • Why estrogen dominance is a huge problem for both men and women
  • Why stress can kill progesterone production (body produces cortisol instead)
  • How to eat a PFF (protein, fat & fiber) breakfast to start your day right


Magdalena Wszelaki is a Certified Holistic Health Coach whose own health journey started from a personal crisis. She is in remissions from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s and managed to reverse estrogen dominance and heavy metal toxicity. She is a Vipassana meditator and a Level II Reiki practitioner. She coaches people with thyroid and endocrine imbalances.

Nutritional Tip:

  • A1C Test

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