EPISODE 276: Find Your Cozy Place

Danish people regularly score as the happiest people in the world, but it’s a small, flat, wet country; taxes are ridiculously high, and the weather is generally bad. So what’s going on?

What do the Danes know that we don’t? Among their secrets is a concept called Hygge, the experience of pleasant togetherness that is an ever-present part of Danish culture from food and family, to home and meal times. It’s that cozy, contented, supportive feeling you get at a holiday dinner—only the Danes do their best to create this feeling daily. On this week’s Yoga Talk Show, you’ll learn how to add some Hygge to your life.

Listen in to learn:

  • Hygge: the experience of pleasant togetherness
  • Why the Danes are the most content people in the world
  • How to make your daily life special and significant
  • Why we should optimize on quality of life not the bling of life
  • Why the digital age creates this burning desire for human connection

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Louisa Thomsen Brits was born in Uganda to a Danish mother and English father. Louisa is a mother of four, an amateur naturalist and wild swimmer. She has been a radio restaurant and arts critic and a tribal belly dance teacher. She writes about the art of living, the nature of things, our common life and the rhythms and rituals that unite and define us all. Her recent book is called, The Book of Hygge, The Danish Art of Living well and is available on Amazon and major booksellers.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Mushrooms

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