EPISODE 275: The People’s Pharmacy
with Joe & Terry Graedon

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Did you know that chili pepper and mustard can help with muscle cramps? Did you know that your acid blocking digestive aids could actually make your problem worse over time? We all have unprecedented access to information, supplements, and even prescription medications—but how do you know where to start? On this week’s, Yoga Talk Show, we’ll uncover home remedies, common misunderstandings, and plant seeds for a healthier you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How cannabis can be a helpful for nerve pain specifically
  • Why proton-pump inhibitors might be one of the most-dangerous, widely used drugs
  • Why rebound hyper-acidity can result after taking PPI’s
  • How NSAIDs are abused and can destroy gut health and heart health problems
  • Why transient receptor potential channels (TRP channels) can be stimulated with mustard, hot pepper, or vinegar to reduce muscle cramping


Joe and Terry Graedon of “The People’s Pharmacy” have been teaching, writing, and broadcasting information to help people make informed decisions about their health for more than 40 years. Joe holds a Masters in Pharmacology and Terry earned a PhD in Anthropology.

Nutritional Tip:

  • Ketchup & Mustard

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