EPISODE 27: What to eat and drink for breakfast?

I made a video about this a couple years ago, like breakfast being the stupidest meal of the day. It’s really a ridiculous meal. I don’t know why breakfast food is different than any other food. It’s as if for some reason when we wake up in the morning we need a bunch of sugar and dairy products to get us going. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s so ingrained though, that a lot of people really can’t get it out of their system. It’s just crazy for them to eat real food for breakfast, so they have to eat some variation of wheat. The only country where I’ve really seen – well, countries where I’ve seen that really be different is in Asia, like in Thailand. They eat the exact same thing for breakfast, more or less, as they eat for lunch and dinner, and same thing in parts of China where I’ve been. And it’s much, much healthier. It’s such a great way to go.

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