EPISODE 227: Special Edition: Listener Q&A

Over 1 million people have listened to the Yoga Talk Show since its inception, and it’s you the listeners I have to thank for all the support and growth over the years. To say “thanks” and deep-dive into a random smattering of topics, I’ve dedicated this show to answering your voicemails. Some of these questions we’ve covered in previous shows, but many are completely new, so I hope you find them helpful in your own practice.

Listen in to learn:

  • Can you help with Plantar Fasciitis?
  • Can someone in their 90’s use the Yoga Trapeze®?
  • How can I use yoga to heal my rotator cuff?
  • Why 1:2 ratio breathing nose-to-mouth in Gravity Yoga?
  • Will yoga therapy be the “next big thing?”
  • How should I train for the full splits?
  • Is Hot Yoga dangerous for my SI Joint?

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