EPISODE 215: Where Are All the Guys in Yoga?

Many yoga teachers will tell you that their class is for everyone – all sizes, ages, backgrounds, and genders – and yet the actual students that turn up to class tell a different story. They tend to be a very similar group of people. In most parts of the world, women represent 70-90% of the yoga communities, and this puts off some men from starting, and it’s frustrating to some men who love the practice.

Where are all the guys in yoga?

In this week’s Yoga Talk Show we address the somewhat controversial topic of gender and fitness preferences.

Listen in to learn:

  • How masculine people often prefer solo practice and feminine people often prefer group classes
  • Why removing religious and spiritual undertones from yoga classes might be the best way to show respect for diversity
  • How athletes can benefit from yoga and how yoga students can benefit from athleticism
  • Why the future of yoga needs to be more inclusive

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Dean Pohlman founded Man Flow Yoga in college in order to promote yoga with guys. After experiencing huge benefits himself from yoga, he wanted to make the practice more accessible to men, athletes, and physical fitness-minded individuals. Dean took out the Sanskrit and the meditation and inserted terminology that is familiar to people with sports backgrounds. Instead of focusing on the more spiritual side of yoga, he focuses entirely on the physical aspects.

Nutritional Tip of the Week:

  • Eating Essential Oils

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