Yoga Injuries: Should You Stretch?

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Lena Asks:

According to my teacher, I have to do gravity stretch The Rag Doll with straight knee, if with knee bent, no improvement. Currently I only can do The Rag Doll with bent knee (stomach rested on the tight). Any advice for me how should I improve The Rag Doll?

Bending your knees is special important if doing the long hold passive poses. Protects your lower back, protects your hamstrings and keeps you safe. The advice is to spend more time there, try to get your holds up to 5 minutes, you can lean your bump against the wall if you want and just take your time with it but for sure bend your knees!

Manuela asks:

I finally started to take the YOGABODY pills. It is my 3rd day now, 30 min after taking them I get really tired. Either I have a nap or I push myself during the period and then I am ok. Is this normal at the beginning?

This is really weird reaction, I have actually never heard about it before. I don’t think it’s related, everybody’s different, who knows what’s happening but if anything most people feel more energy so I don’t thinks it’s related.

How do I use Liquid clarity? How often? After or before the meal ? Is it a good supplement to the YOGABODY?

Yes, the good idea is to take it in the morning with your breakfast, tends to get people the natural lift of energy, they have done all the bunch of researchers with concentration and performance. So take it in the morning with food, that’s the best idea.

At the moment I take YOGABODY daily. What happens if I forget it?

Nothing happens, it’s a nutritional support formula so just helps you body. If you miss a day it’s like missing a good meal. Doesn’t matter, you will be fine. Get back right on it the next day.

Ginny asks:

I ran my first marathon in October and am planning on running another in Oct 2012. My muscles have always been very tight. I plan to continue to take the tablets and the recommended stretches while training for my marathon. I would also like to extend my practice and flexibility further. What are you recommendations? How many yoga classes should I aim to complete in addition to recommended stretches?

If you do an extreme training like a marathon you going to really struggle with your flexibility. If you love running, don’t stop running. Any activity that you love you should never quit for your flexibility, you just have to work on it every day. So if you run every day I would say as the absolute minimum is to run for 15 minutes per day If you can, try to get 30 minutes per day, it’s going to make a huge difference. If you are runner you really need to work on your hamstrings and your hips specifically, doing poses like The Lightning Bolt, doing poses like The Blaster, The Rag Doll. You really have to focus on those otherwise you will get stiffer and stiffer which is depressing.

Miranda asks:

I’m very interested in what YOGABODY have put together but I’m 21 weeks pregnant and it doesn’t say anything whether it is safe to take which supplements while pregnant. Can you suggest anything else that could work for me while pregnant?

If you are pregnant, take it really easy. Probably not the best idea, take it easy, do what you are already doing, I wouldn’t change anything drastic.

Lisa asks:

I started Yoga about 6 months ago but I’ve become a little stuck within my practice as I’m always getting colds and flu and this is happening every 2- 3 weeks! I have blood tests done to just check that nothing else is wrong and all is fine. Is there some deeper at work here that I don’t yet understand? Can you recommend any books I could read to help me through this process?

It’s tough, everybody’s in a different place, who knows what’s going on, maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s lifestyle, maybe it’s food, I’m not sure. In terms of books to help you get through it I would just say there some pretty good books out there, the good book I read recently it’s called The Primal Blueprint, it’s kind of the opposite of what I teach, a lot of meat but it’s an excellent book in terms of understanding your immune system. The immune system is often linked to too much sugar in your diet. Check it out anyway, really good book for understanding you insulin, hormones in your body. I would also try to increase the vegetables, 500 grams a day is what I always recommend. For most people it’s really hard so if you start juicing and eating them steamed you get to 500 grams pretty easily.

Harsha asks:

I just started taking the YOGABODY supplements yesterday since I got them and they work to reduce my pain for a few hours as well and I feel a bit light. I don’t know whether to stretch right now or just rest because my injury is still fresh (I have injured my back in Feb). What do you recommend I should do at the moment? I really miss deep stretching and going to the gym.

First of all if you are injured you don’t do really deep stretching, you want to do really gentle stretching but don’t stop stretching. Just take it easy. Great that the supplements are helping, that’s what they suppose to do.

Manuela asks:

I have a question to the pose The Noodle. Should the legs be straight? Where should be my shoulders? Would be great if you could explain in detail the position.

The Noodle is a passive backbend flopped over a chair or an exercise ball. Just let your legs flop, let your body flop, where should your shoulders be, don’t really think about it, just flop over the chair. Add more pillows to get more rounding in your spine and just relax. Is as simple as it looks. Just hang there.

Jo asks:

How, as a long distance runner, can one get enough energy through raw foods for a race? I would load up on pasta the day before usually and feel I might flake if I don’t.

If you do anything where you need a lot of calories, through raw foods it’s going to be very difficult. In fact the raw foods are probably the least maintainable diet of anything. The challenge with the raw foods is where do you get your calories if you’re not eating the proteins. You want to get something what has more nutritional density. Nuts and seeds are good choice. As a runner you might eat some grains. Just trust your body and see what works for you. Energy