EPISODE 155: Woman Dives 104 Meters in One Breath

As a yoga student, you’ve no-doubt heard of pranayama (yogic breathing practices), but you’ve probably had very little experience practicing it. Yoga breath work is mostly a “lost art” today partly due to the fears and myths that surround the practice. The typical advice from teachers is that pranayama can only be learned after years of asana practice and then you must learn from a master – but is there any truth to that? Probably not.

Breathing practices can serve as a very comfy bridge between asana practice and seated meditation, and for aspiring students, it’s a shame to to miss this bridge. On this week’s Yoga Talk Show, record-holding free diver, Sara Campbell, joins us to share her experiences with breath-holding, breathing techniques and benefits.

Listen in to learn:

  • What the “dive reflex” is and how it impacts our breath & body
  • How safe and/or dangerous is it to reduce breathing?
  • The real vs perceived risks of pranayama (on land)
  • How breathing can lead to personal and even spiritual experiences

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Sara Campbell is the founder of, Discover Your Depths, a training program and philosophy that uses yoga, meditation and freediving to help people achieve personal transformation in all areas of their lives.

Sara discovered yoga and meditation over a decade ago when her own health was suffering, and just a few years later achieved a record of 104 meter free dive on just one breath of air.

Sara teaches yoga, meditation, breath-work and free diving.

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