EPISODE 144: How to Feng Shui Your Home

The art of Feng shui was developed in China over 3,000 years ago, and it’s based on the notion that what’s happening in our homes is essentially a reflection of what’s going on inside us. The idea is that if we succeed in achieving good Feng Shui in our living and working environments, this will invite happiness, health and fortune in our lives.

In this week’s episode, Lucas talks to Dana Claudat about the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Listen in to learn:

  • the basics behind the art of Feng Shui
  • how to improve the energy of your home
  • what you can do to improve the Feng Shui at work

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Dana Claudat is a Feng Shui and art expert that helps people create harmonious homes and lives using this ancient Eastern practice. Dana is the founder of, The Tao of Dana, a popular blog on Feng Shui, and a contributing writer and editor to a number of popular sites. The Tao of Dana was a Finalist in the 2014 Apartment Therapy Homie Awards for Best Home Design & Inspiration.

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