EPISODE 130: Broccoli: The DNA Whisperer

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Can broccoli “talk” to your DNA? Listen and find out more about epigenetics, candida and GMO food with special guest, Tom Malterre. Tom is a certified nutritionist who travels throughout the United States and Canada lecturing on topics such as Vitamin D, Gluten Intolerance, and Digestive Health. He empowers people through classes, seminars, and private counseling with his insight and depth of knowledge on the biochemical interactions within our body and their relationship to our diet.

In this Show, You’ll learn:

  • How food has an epigenetic influence that could be more important than your genetics
  • Why yeast, fungal overgrowth and candida are such huge problems
  • Vitamin D 101: why we need it, how much to take, how to get tested

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