EPISODE 129: Handstands & Flexibility Tips from an Acrobat

Listen and learn all about acrobatics, inversions, hand-balancing and flexibility.

Listen & Learn:

  • Flexibility “training” vs. stretching (they’re not the same!)
  • Basic hand, shoulder positioning for yoga vs gymnastics
  • Use of the wall, props, and strength training
  • Passive, dynamic, PNF & balistic stretching – who wins?

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Andralyn Zayn, grew up as a competitive gymnast worked and trained with, The Underground Circus, in Vancouver before heading to circus school, where she specialized in hand-balancing and flexibility.

During her studies, Andralyn created a new specialty that combined acrobatics and hand-balancing, and later developed a class that focused on increasing people’s ranges of motion and flexibility. She is now a PICP Level 1 and 2 Certified Personal Trainer, Agatsu Certified Kettlebell Instructor, and Certified Gymnastics Coach.

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