EPISODE 10: Yoga Electrolytes, Detoxifying your Body & Farting in Class

This is a great question and anyone who knows my story – when I first got into yoga I did 5 day cleanse and I lost about 41 pounds, really changed my whole life. So I’m a huge fan of detoxification and cleansing but I’m not a fan of what most people teach – something like to sit on the toilet for 10 days. The confusion with cleansing happens that people tend to read these books that promote urban myths like these toxins are laying in your stomach, for most parts these are not true. All of us have these chemicals but the place they are stored, this is very important to get this, it’s in your body fat and in your mucus so this is why we always talk about the low mucus forming diet and anything fitness based is trying to lower your body fat contents.

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