Are You Considering a
200hr Yoga Teacher Training?

Are You Considering a
200hr Yoga Teacher Training?

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If you’re considering yoga teacher training courses and feel confused about all the options – you’re not alone. There are over 8,000 courses on offer. Some are spiritual, some are science-based (like YOGABODY’s). Some are focused on personal growth; others focus on professional development and real-world job skills. Searching and researching online is great, but it’s even better to simply join in and experience the first day of the course. And now you can!

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  • Learn about science-based, business-positive training options
  • Experience the interactive, deep learning environment
  • Clear up any doubts or confusion you might have
  • See exactly what a typical session looks like
  • Meet the trainers

Here’s What You Get:

  • Instant access to day 1 (of 30) of our official 200hr Yoga Alliance Course
  • Day 1 lecture, pose clinic, and what to expect
  • Guided level 1 Flow Class

NOTE: YOGABODY’s 200hr course is 30 training days over 6 weeks. We teach via live video, and our systems and team allow us to provide more practice teaching, more individual feedback, and much more in-depth training than we were ever able to when training in person.

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Streaming Video from Actual Course
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If, for any reason, or no reason at all, you decide this class is not for you –
or if you simply decide this is not the right course for you – just send a quick email for a prompt and hassle-free refund.

Frequently Asked Question

You’ll get application information and full course details.
No problem. Just email for a prompt, hassle-free refund.
No, YOGABODY is a science-based, business-positive school.
No. Our courses are live and highly interactive. This is a sample recording from our last live session. YOGABODY pioneered online yoga education, and we do things differently with high engagement, community, and daily feedback.

Feedback from Graduates

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“You still have so much to learn…”

Personally, this was the right course for me because of its strong foundation in Vinyasa Yoga. Once you start the course, you come to realize that no matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga, you still have so much to learn.

– Nicola Ross


“Amazing instructors, an exceptional value…”

Amazing instructors, an exceptional value, a highly organized program that delivers far more than expected. I walked away from my training with the knowledge and confidence to teach, as well as the ability to run a business.

– Ana Cadena


Talks the talk and walk the walk without pretence

What I like most about Lucas and YOGABODY is that he knows his stuff inside out, he can talk the talk and walk the walk, but he is not a pretentious so and so like most “yoga” practitioners I’ve come across.

– Iain Stanley


Excellent! I really see progress.

I found Lucas through a facebook ad which I am usually leery of. However, I enjoyed the hip challenge so much that I purchased the stretching videos (At Home Flexibility Course).

– Samantha


Highly recommend all YOGABODY programs!

I appreciate the quality of the courses. The necessary info is clear, concise, and often repeated. Lucas and the team have you instructing from the very beginning in a way that helps you defeat your uncertainties and gain confidence. The access to the online modules is for forever.

– Rachel Fletcher


“YOGABODY Teachers College is so educational & fun”

Studying with YB Teachers College is a supportive experience and the online learning platform is super informative. Lucas and his team of teachers are excellent at sharing knowledge and encouraging your growth. I highly recommend!

– Jadielocks Stott


“I am learning a lot and I am super happy..”

The online content is very easy to watch, and because it’s not only about yoga, it’s also interisting. I am learning a lot and I am super happy.

– Suzanne Hoyos


Lucas is a great teacher and leader.

I’ve been using these for years and love how soft they are. My first ones held up a very long time but I ordered a fresh set a few months back and one already busted.

– Brandy


Always a wortwhile experience with YogaBody team

I signed up for a 200 hr yoga instructor course and graduated feeling at the tio of the world, Challange however many come afterwards to continue at the same intensity.

– RK

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Streaming Video from Actual Course
Immediate Access