Listen to this weekly yoga talk show where Lucas Rockwood share flexibility and nutritional information for yoga students.

Magnesium, a Love Story

EPISODE 463: Magnesium, a Love Story Magnesium is a favorite among yoga students due to its crucial role in nervous system health and as a muscle relaxant. Magnesium is everywhere, but oddly, many people are still lacking in their daily diets. On this week’s podcast, we’ll unpack the myriad of health benefits magnesium provides.

The Power of Dreams

EPISODE 462: The Power of Dreams Did you know that you have four-to-six dream cycles per night totaling about two hours? If you’re like me, you almost never remember your dreams – and certainly not two hours worth.

What Comes Next? Q&As Galore

EPISODE 461: What Comes Next? Q&As Galore Will you ever go back to the office? Will kids ever take in-person school seriously again? And what will the bounce-back look like this summer after more people are vaccinated? This week’s podcast is a departure from my usual guest interview, and instead, I answer select listener questions about my post-pandemic thoughts in terms of business and health.

Rethinking Physical Pain

EPISODE 460: Rethinking Physical Pain Have you ever experienced chronic back or knee pain? An estimated 80% of people have a major pain episode at some point in their lives, and it often leads to downstream mental and physical health problems.