Listen to this weekly yoga talk show where Lucas Rockwood share flexibility and nutritional information for yoga students.

How to Control Your Fear

EPISODE 473: How to Control Your Fear Humans are hard-wired to fear anything that puts us in harm’s way. But what do you do when fear keeps you from taking the necessary risks toward achieving your goals?

An Introduction to Mindfulness

EPISODE 472: An Introduction to Mindfulness Where were you when you learned that U.S. president #45 was elected? Do you remember the day when Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed?

Brain Health Matters

EPISODE 471: Brain Health Matters The FDA approved a new Alzheimer’s drug, Aduhelm, and it’s estimated to cost medicare $57 billion per year.

Meditation & Neurofeedback

EPISODE 470: Meditation & Neurofeedback You’re probably tried meditation apps, but have you tried measuring your brain wave states during your meditation practice?